WR-90 Coin Wrapper

GLORY is recognized as the market leader in coin wrapping machines, providing outstanding and proven reliability. Their experience in coin wrapping combined with a history of successful sales throughout the world enabled GLORY to design the remarkable WR-90 Coin Wrapper. 

Focused on ruggedness and durability, the built on LCD control panel, improved coin transporting and stacking units allow for ease-of-use and improved continuous operation.

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Counting speed: 2,000 coins/min.
Wrapping speed: 25 rolls/min. (max)
Hopper capacity: 9,000 coins (max)
Dimensions: W 45 cm x D 63.3 cm x H 103.5 cm
Weight: 150kg (330 lbs)
Features: Preset operation for each denomination
Options: Extra large hopper
Larger paper roll stand
Printer (prints on auto coin wrap)
Escrow for wrapped coins
External interface