3 Common Misconceptions about Retail Cash Management

    Oct 03 2016

    Topics: Cash Management

    In any retail establishment, handling cash comes with a lot of responsibility. Keeping your cash resources safe and accurately processing them are extremely important to the success of any retail organization. Implementing retail cash management is integral to the security of your business so that it is properly managed and protected from fraud or theft.

    Cash management has made great strides with advances in technology as well as methods for developing and implementing policies and procedures for cash management best practices. There are, however, common misconceptions about retail cash management that might prevent your business from becoming more efficient by adopting a cash management system. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about managing your cash; don’t let misinformation prevent your business from becoming more secure and efficient!

    1. Streamlining Cash Management Will Cut Jobs

    One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to retail cash management is that once you streamline your cash management process, some of your staff will lose their jobs. This is not an irrational fear; technology has undoubtedly automated many jobs, particularly in the manufacturing sector. However, making use of retail cash management technology does not have to correspond with reducing your labour force.

    Rather, adopting a more efficient cash management process allows your retail staff to focus their attention on what they do best: growing your business by directing the sales process. While making use of technology can reduce labour costs by making your process more efficient, it does not necessarily result in a loss of work. It provides your staff with the chance to grow your business, not spend their valuable time manually completing your cash management process. 

    2. Automating Cash Management = No More Policies and Procedures

    Another common misconception is that once you have automated your process by investing in technology such as currency recyclers, counterfeit detectors, and cheque scanners, you won’t have to create and enforce cash processing policies and procedures. Your business should always have up-to-date, comprehensive policies and procedures when it comes to cash handling. You don’t want to leave anything to chance!

    Ensuring that your policies are effective also involves training your staff to be knowledgeable and confident directing the sales process, particularly when they are handling cash. When implementing cash management technology, your policies will have to reflect how and when to correctly use the technology to maintain the security and efficiency of your business. Keep your staff in the know so that they can effectively contribute to your retail cash management processes.

    3. Dealing with Cash Management Technology is a Hassle

    The process of transitioning your business from a manual to an automated cash management process may seem daunting. If you do your research beforehand and seek professional help to assist you with introducing automation into your business, the process will run smoothly. Retail cash management processes and technology are there to alleviate any stress that goes hand-in-hand with the time pressures and errors that occur when manually handling and processing cash.

    While it may seem like there is a lot to learn when adopting new technology, the initial time investment is well worth it. Once you get the hang of the technology, your cash management process will be a breeze and you can feel confident in knowing that you have made a sound investment in the security of your company’s cash. Learning how to properly and effectively make use of cash management technology gives you the chance to get back to growing and developing your business!

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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