3 Steps to Faster Cash Management at a Theme Park

    Dec 12 2014

    Topics: Coin Sorting

    Theme parks are an extremely cash-heavy business. With thousands of people walking through your theme park making small purchases—tickets, parking passes, tokens, sodas, food, rides, and games—it’s inevitable that your employees will deal with an abundance of cash each day.

    Many cash solutions on the market can help you more efficiently handle high volumes of cash. Theme parks need high-speed, secure, and precise machines to dispense floats and quickly and easily count and sort these floats in order to ensure increased profitability and productivity.

    Why Do You Need a Coin and Note Recycling Solution?

    In this day and age, spending several hours a day manually preparing floats, reconciling the day’s sales, then sorting, and counting thousands of bills and coins is a time consuming and unnecessary administrative task. You waste valuable money on labour costs when your employees spend so much time in the back room counting, rolling and reconciling.

    What’s more, we all know humans make mistakes—that’s a fact. When you’re sorting and counting high volumes of cash, every coin in your hand and every number in your head begin to blur. You can easily mess up a count without even realizing it—leading to financial losses for your company.

    However, cash handling mistakes can be avoided when you let machines do the work. Even worse than accidental errors occurring, some employees can have sticky fingers and might be tempted to slip some money in their pockets instead of counting them. Coin and note recyclers reduce your financial risk from error and fraud.

    The Answer to Your Problem

    High speed note and coin recyclers can count, sort, and verify in minutes. Coin sorting machines sort batches of mixed coins into separate pots and count them simultaneously, giving you an accurate cash total at the end of the process. Coin sorters will even reject defective, bent coins. The machine’s coin recognition and digital technology will ensure great results.

    Note recyclers can be configured to recycle the denominations you use most, while higher denominations go directly into your deposit cassette, secure and ready for collection.

    The Result

    Using a cash management recycling solution will reduce labour, human error, and fraud during the money handling process. It’s hassle free, reliable, and quick. When you automate your cash management process, you and your employees will have more time to focus on bringing money into the theme park, rather than sitting in the back counting the coins you have already received.

    Coin sorting makes counting large amounts of money easier than ever before. Stop counting each penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar that comes through your theme park. The valuable time and effort you will save by buying a coin sorter will more than ensure that you have made a wise investment into your business’s future operations.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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