3 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from Bank Note Sorters

    Feb 01 2017

    Topics: Cash Management

    When large volumes of cash are entering and exiting a business,that automatically means that there are large volumes of cash to count. For businesses that handle large amounts of cash each day, efficient cash handling is key. Manual cash handling can be an unreliable method, particularly for large companies that deal with huge amounts of cash. Errors and inaccuracies drive up costs and reduce the profitability of cash.

    For businesses facing these types of issues, cash management technology can alleviate the costs of manual cash handling. Bank note sorters are one type of technology that work to cut costs. Here, we have outlined how bank note sorters work and three types of businesses that can benefit from investing in bank note sorters:

    What Is a Bank Note Sorter?

    Bank note sorters are made to process large volumes of cash continuously; they count, sort, and process cash for businesses that depend upon secure and accurate cash management. They sort cash according to the specifications of your business and will sort bills by denomination, orientation, and fitness. Bank note sorters will work on new and poor quality bills and many are capable of accepting the Canadian polymer currency.

    Bank note sorters have many benefits for businesses that handle large amounts of cash. They greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to process cash, they limit the labour costs associated with cash handling, and they work as a counterfeit detector by authenticating bills.

    Investing in a bank note sorter requires some consideration. You will want to make sure that you are selecting the option that will best suit the specific needs of your business. To begin with you will want to be sure that the bank note sorter you choose is compatible with the currency that your business uses. Also, since they operate at different speeds, picking one that will be able to process the volume of cash that your business requires in a timely manner is important.

    Now that you know how they work, here are three types of businesses that can benefit from investing in a bank note sorter:

    1. Casinos

    Casinos are businesses that have a diversity of operations all under one roof. There is cash handling from accommodations, food sales, beverage sales, and gambling to take into consideration. As a result, large amounts of cash are being processed at once. In order to manage all of the cash from many different cash registers, the process must be organized, efficient, and secure. Bank note sorters can assist with the cash management processes in casinos by easily processing the cash from many different registers. Sorters have the ability to keep chaos out of the cash management process in a casino.

    2. Banking

    The banking industry is one that can majorly benefit from investing in a banknote sorter. Banks handle large amounts of cash throughout any given day and are frequently processing large transactions for their customers. Total accuracy is crucial in a banking environment so that money can be kept secure for customers and the bank itself. Sorters introduce complete accuracy into banks, protecting customer’s assets, improving customer service, and adding a level of security. Sorters guarantee that all currency will be processed in an efficient manner.

    3. Cash-In-Transit Services

    Safely and securely transporting currency from one location to another is the job of cash-in-transit (CIT) service providers. They transport cash to and from banks, ATM machines, retailers, and other clients that handle large volumes of cash. As CIT service providers have many clients, the accuracy and efficiency of their cash processing is extremely important. A sorter ensures that CIT service providers are transporting the correct amounts of money between locations and adds efficiency and security to their operations.

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