4 Ways Grocers Can Use Technology to Improve Customer Experience

    Mar 14 2014

    Today’s grocery store customers have to deal with a number of issues during their shopping experience, ranging from difficult navigation in large stores to confusing aisles. As a result, grocery stores have had to increase their resources to enhance the customer’s experience, whilst improving sales and lowering costs of operations. Implementing technologies provides a solution to one of the largest customer satisfaction factors: time. In order to give the customers the best experience, grocers need to take advantage of reliable and simple technology to improve interaction and save time. 

    Self service coin counting machines

    A large amount of households keep their loose change in order to use the saved coins during their shopping. This finding has caused financial institutions to realise the importance of providing coin counting machines in easily accessible locations. 64 percent of people who hold onto their coins use them on a daily basis. CreditUnions.com states that out of the people who keep their coins, 90 percent of them would use a coin counting machine to exchange their coins. Providing customers with a way to easily and effectively have their coins counted helps to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

    Making it easy for customers to have their coins counted means that they no longer have to hold up queues whilst the cashier counts the amount. This increases efficiency of sales and allows for faster interactions. Offering self-service coin counting machines also helps consumers to feel confident in the redeeming process since the machines are considered reliable and effective. These machines also draw in new customers by providing existing customers with a good experience that they will want to share with their family and friends.  

    Cash counting machines 

    Finding a way to increase engagement with customers while dealing with cash handling is another problem that grocers have to face. Technologies such as cash counting machines allow representatives to have more time on their hands to properly engage with customers and enhance their experience. Utilizing cash counting machines not only helps form connections with customers, but also accelerates the process of cash handling. Expedited cashing handling processes reduce delays and allow grocers to provide faster services. Cashiers may still be required to count their individual cash drawers by hand, but having a cash counter in the back office frees the time of other staff and allows them to engage in more customer satisfactory activities. 

    iPad POS systems

    The iPad has been found to be an economical option for a POS device and has been predicted to advance as the year continues. iPad’s now offer practical ways of working as a solution for POS in grocery settings. They are also able to assist grocers in managing their business in modern and unconventional ways. 

    Automated samples via kiosks

    Another technological advancement that can help grocers is to provide customers with a kiosk that distributes free samples to customers. These devices typically work by allowing customers to scan their loyalty card in order to receive a complimentary sample. 

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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