5 Advantages of Full Cash Room Automation for Casinos

    Mar 30 2016

    Topics: Cash Room Automation

    Because your casino handles large volumes of cash on a daily basis, you have unique cash management requirements, risks, and needs. You simply can’t rely on inefficient manual cash handling or disjointed processes and technologies. You need a high-tech solution to meet your specific requirements, which means you need full cash room automation. Top-of-the-line connected systems and processes for cash acceptance and issuance, cash processing, and storage can lead to myriad advantages, like the ones below.

    1. Total Efficiency

    When you can depend on the latest automation technology that combines various processes and systems, you’ll benefit from total efficiency. With full cash room automation, your casino’s cash center will be able to perform to the highest standard possible. You’ll be able to depend on intelligent automation for flexibility, continuity, and fluidity. All components of your cash management process will work in harmony and will be seamlessly synchronized. From the ATMs and slot machines to the tables and restaurants, everything will be centralized for optimal efficiency.

    2. Lower Labour Costs

    When you accept so much cash, your labour costs skyrocket due to the requirements of cash management processes. Cash operations involve a major share of your manual labour, but you can reduce the costs through full cash room automation.

    Instead of having your cash handled multiple times, by multiple employees, in multiple locations, resulting in labour-intensive processes, you can let the machines do much of the work instead. It’s now possible to consolidate all cash processes in one functional and effective end-to-end solution. In a single, fluid run, your cash can be counted, authenticated, identified, sorted, and reported with ease, up to three times faster. As the number of single operations drop, so do your manual labour costs. When you invest in cash management technology, you’ll enjoy a high ROI, particularly due to these reduced workforce costs.

    3. Better Security

    Your casino is no doubt at risk of security threats. It’s an inevitability when you’re handling so much hard currency. People may attempt to defraud you with counterfeit bank notes, workers might partake in casino employee fraud, and robbers might want to get away with much of your profits.

    Full cash room automation can add an extra layer of protection for your cash management activities. Because every dollar will be effectively tracked, reported, and accounted for, you’ll reduce your risk of theft. Because your money is monitored throughout the entire process, you’ll virtually eliminate manual interference and reduce your shrink. Every bill will be authenticated in to order to detect counterfeit. In addition, used chips and playing cards can be destroyed based on your rules, which is an important add-on security measure. Your money will also be safely stored in the machines.

    4. Improved Accounting and Reporting

    Having up-to-the-minute accounting and reporting information can help you make more informed decisions required for day-to-day business. Full cash room automation can give you the improved accounting and reporting capabilities you need. The technology can produce intelligent and customized reports and analyses in real time, so you can monitor the progress of the operations. You’ll have access to accurate and timely data, because all relevant processes are linked and connected to an internal management information system.

    5. Superior Longer-Term Economics

    When you buy equipment based on price alone, you will only improve your short-term profits. But that cheaper option that seemed cost effective at first might end up being a bad choice down the line. Investing in full cash room automation is just that, an investment. The total cost of ownership of high-end automation solutions is more cost effective over the long term, leading to a solid ROI. You’ll benefit from continuously efficient processes, flexibility to meet your current and future needs, and equipment longevity, all of which are important economic factors in purchasing decisions.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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