5 Supplies You Might Need for Card Printing

    Mar 09 2015

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    Investing in equipment and supplies to create ID badges is not only a smart decision, it’s an important factor in keeping your company and your employees safe. Modern technology has come a long way. Today’s ID cards are much more secure and versatile than those of the past. Smart card technology, magnetic stripes, barcodes, and RFID chips all keep your workplace and staff secure. To maximize your new investment, here are five card printing supplies you might need.

    ID Card Printer

    Of course, the first thing you’ll need to start printing up identification badges is an ID card printer. There are many variations on the market, and it can be hard to choose which machine will be best for your company needs. First off, you’ll need a printer that can create high-quality PVC cards while supporting the security features your business is looking for. You should look for a printer that offers full-colour printing and rewritable card capabilities to save you time and money from reissuing cards. You can also choose from one-side (simplex) or two-side (duplex) printing, depending on your needs. You’ll also ideally want to choose a printer that alerts you when you’re low on supplies, so you’re never left without the proper card printing supplies you need.


    There are many different types of ribbons for card printers. The type you’ll need will depend on the design and features you plan to have. You want your card to be printed based on your specifications, at a low cost per card, with the best image quality possible, and this means choosing the right ribbon. Getting ribbon that allows for inline security printing technologies through pigment colour technology or dye sublimation can meet all of your card issuance needs. You can also choose graphics monochrome ribbons in conventional colours or even metallic.

    Preprinted Cards

    If the cards you’re printing aren’t going to have much variation, you can reduce your workload by using preprinted cards. Your business name, logo, and artwork can all be preprinted so you don’t have to do so manually. Your printing production will be faster and more efficient with preprinted cards, which will inevitably result in a lower cost per card. You can pick from white or coloured cards, various card thicknesses and sizes, magnetic stripes, adhesive backs and smartcards for your convenience.

    Durability Solutions

    In order to extend the life of your cards, which will lead to a lower rate of reissuance and cost, you should be buying durability solutions. They are one of the most important card printing supplies you can invest in. You can choose from overlays, top coats, and plastic laminates—all of which protect your cards from abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and fading. Wear and tear won’t be an issue when you invest in the defence of durability solutions.

    Cleaning Supplies

    Often overlooked, cleaning supplies are important to the quality and reliability of your printer. Ideally, you should be cleaning your ID printer each time you change your ribbon to ensure your print-head isn’t being clogged with dirt, dust, or oil. These contaminants can damage your printer and make it unusable. When you buy a cleaning kit, look for brands that are specified for your type of printer to ensure optimal performance. Frequent cleaning can prevent printer downtime and prolong the life of your printer.

    Maintain Your Card Printing Supplies

    To ensure you can always use your card printer when you need it, make sure you always have adequate supplies on hand. With proper monitoring, you can estimate when supplies typically run out, so you can always be on top of regular ordering.

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