5 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from Using Bank Note Sorters

    Jan 16 2017

    Topics: Cash Management

    Many businesses that handle large amounts of cash struggle to keep up with their cash handling needs. When operating with manual cash handling procedures, the cash management process can be a drain on any company’s resources. Manual cash handling simply is not a practical solution for businesses such as banks, casinos, and cash-in-transit services due to the large volume of cash they process.

    One practical solution for businesses that process large volumes of cash is to invest in a bank note sorter. Bank note sorters are designed to efficiently complete the necessary cash sorting tasks as part of the overall cash management process. They work to give businesses the chance to operate as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. If your cash management process is in need of being updated, here are five ways that your business will benefit from investing in a bank note sorter. Making the investment in automated cash management technology means savings for your business.

    1. Improved Efficiency

    Bank note sorters improve the efficiency of your business by taking over the lengthy process of counting and sorting large amounts of currency. As your business reduces the amount of time that simple cash processing tasks take to complete, your staff will be able to focus their attention on other areas of your business, namely those that drive growth and profits. Increasing the efficiency of your cash management process allows you to further develop the efficiency and organizational structure of your business as you have more time to devote to business development.

    2. Cash Recycling

    If your business depends upon quickly processing cash due to customer demands, it’s important to ensure that your technology can handle the challenge. Recycling cash through your business means that it is processed in a timely manner so that it can be moved back through your business operations. Cash recycling allows your business to more efficiently manage and process money without relying on continuous deposits and withdrawals at the bank. Bank note sorters efficiently categorize your cash so that you can recycle it back into your business. This keeps your cash circulating efficiently through your business, which in turn helps to maintain proper cash flow levels. Processing cash as quickly as possible is a great way to maintain the efficiency of your daily operations.

    3. Added Counterfeit Protection

    Another perk of investing in a bank note sorter is that certain models come with build-in counterfeit detection technology. This means that not only will you process your cash much more efficiently,but any counterfeit currency will be accurately identified and rejected. Updating your counterfeit protection plan by investing in technology is a great way to ensure that your business remains secure.

    4. Lower Labour Costs

    Investing in a bank note sorter means that your staff will no longer have to devote time to manual cash handling. Reducing labour costs associated with administrative tasks can not only save your business money but it can also increase your profit margins. Redirecting staff to focus on increasing customer service and driving sales reduces admin costs and increases the potential for greater profits.

    5. Reduced Processing Costs

    As bank note sorters allow your business to maintain good cash flow, you will reduce your processing costs. Less frequent trips to the bank, improved security, and loss prevention make investing in automated cash management technology well worth your while. Bank note sorters boast accuracy and efficiency and will reduce administrative costs associated with labour, time, and materials. While there is an initial output cost when purchasing a bank note sorter, the ROI becomes immediately apparent when your business starts running more efficiently.

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    Andrea Lombardi

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