How Automated Cash Handling Benefits Your Customers

    Feb 15 2016

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    \You might already have a good idea of how exactly you’ll benefit from automated cash handling. Cash management solutions like cash counters and sorters, currency recyclers, counterfeit detectors, and cheque scanners offer myriad advantages for business owners. They can improve cash flow. They can reduce wasted time and reduce labour costs. They can enhance efficiency and productivity. They can reduce the risk of human error. There’s no doubt that automated cash handling delivers a great ROI.

    But if the benefits you receive weren’t enough, you’re not the only one who will profit from automated cash handling. Your customers will benefit too. Here’s how.

    Shorter Lines

    No customer wants to wait in line for a long time. It’s a waste of time and everyone has something better to do. Some establishments are worse than others for long lines, such as banks, post offices, and retail stores. You could end up losing out on a lot of business simply because customers see the long lines and don’t have time to wait—so they leave.

    But with automated cash handling at your registers, your customers will get to enjoy shorter lines. Cash recyclers, for example, can cut down transaction processing times from 45 seconds down to an average of 8 seconds. Just think about how much quicker your lines will move and how many more customers you’ll be able to help in the same amount of time. Using counterfeit detectors instead of manually checking bills for security features can also speed up lines, as does using cheque scanners to process cheque payments instead of doing so manually.

    Better Customer Service

    Your cashiers don’t want to make mistakes. They don’t want to get in trouble, they don’t want to pay shortages, and they don’t want to anger customers. So they take their time when manually processing transactions. And during this time, they’re looking down, totally focused on getting their calculations correct to avoid making transaction processing errors. All the while, your customers are being ignored.

    With automated cash handling though, the machines will do the calculations, so your employees can look up, smile, ask customers how their day is going, if their needs are being met, and if they found everything they needed. When you boost customer service, you can show your customers that you care and that you appreciate their business, which goes a long way to creating loyalty.

    Greater Accuracy

    No customer is going to be happy if he’s given back less change during a transaction than he was supposed to. Shorting customers by error can be devastating to your business. These customers might not want to come into your store anymore. They might go elsewhere, where they can count on getting the right change back.

    With automated cash handling, you won’t have to worry about losing business because cash management solutions are 99.9% accurate. The machines can easily do the math and ensure that your cashiers are giving back the right amount of money every time, so your customers can count on your cash accuracy.

    Better Security

    You have a responsibility to keep your customers safe in your establishment. If they don’t feel safe dining in your restaurant, shopping in your store, or banking at your financial institution, they’re not going to go there anymore. If you’ve ever been robbed, for example, and it’s in the news, customers won’t feel safe going there anymore. You need to increase security and automated cash handling can help you do so. A cash recycler, for example, can act as a secure vault with hot key silent triggers and restricted access, which can be connected to your alarm. And a counterfeit detector can ensure that you don’t accidentally accept counterfeit bills that you then give to customers. When your money is safer, so are your customers. And this is critical to customer service.


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    Andrea Lombardi

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