How Nonprofits Can Access and Increase Donations Through Currency Counters

    Apr 10 2014

    Unlike most people who simply toss their loose change in some jar and forget about it, you understand how valuable this money actually is and how far each little bit can go for your nonprofit. However, there's plenty of roadblocks that can keep you from maximizing these kind of donations and efficiently handling them. To help get you over the hump and pump up those donation numbers – because every little bit matters – here's a few reason why adding in a coin counting machine or two to your system can radically change your nonprofit's outlook and convince those who come across your cause to help out a little more.

    Time is Money

    The old phrase "time is money" takes on a whole new meaning when you're trying to keep your nonprofit afloat. With overhead costs always going up, finding every way to promote efficiency and reduce bills can keep your organization's bottom line from dipping into the red. With a coin counting machine on your side, your employees won't have to sit around for days counting and sorting change if you start excepting these kind of donations. If you already do handle loose change, cutting down on the time expenditure that goes with this process frees up your employees to take on more important tasks that they'd otherwise simply not have time to handle. Basically, this means more feet on the ground and phone calls out to donors looking for that next big charitable gift.

    Better Reporting Means More Trust

    While it might not seem like there's a big connection between how you handle coins and the public trusting your nonprofit, there's actually a pretty surprising overlap between the two topics. Think of it this way, potential donors are scrutinizing organizations like yours more than ever these days, leading to plenty of cold feet (even if they still claim to donate) and missed opportunities. To help curb this trend, having a system that ensures completely accurate reporting could mean the difference between sealing a big donation and watching it walk out the door. While honest accidents with counting and publicizing expenses and income happen, not doing everything you can to avoid this dilemma and keep things on the straight and narrow is just asking for a major issue.

    Ease of Access Goes a Long Way

    Changing up your policy and accepting coins, freeing up employee time to work with potential donors, and implementing a system that not only handles this currency efficiently but accurately all come together to form one overarching theme – if you make it easy for people to donate, you'll get more donations. It might not line up with the perfect altruistic concept of a charitable population that's willing to give; it's just part of the bigger picture. If your nonprofit is serious about maximizing revenue for the cause you support, then all of this points to taking in donations of any size or shape and making it as simple as possible for your organization and those willing to donate.

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

    Matthew’s devotion to the highest levels of service comes from over 10 years of experience working with clients, project managers, manufactures, and executives alike as one the industry leaders in his field. Matthew is an avid golfer and hockey player and loves being outdoors with his friends and family. He currently lives in Squamish, BC with his wife, two children, and dog.

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