How Your Business Can Benefit from Automating Cash Management

    Dec 14 2016

    Topics: Cash Management

    Does cash handling create problems for the daily operations of your business? If your business still handles cash manually you may be well-acquainted with a troublesome cash management process. Manual cash handling can place a large financial burden on any business and reduces the efficiency of your daily operations. Cash remains an extremely popular way to pay and handling it correctly will allow you to get the most out of cash transactions. Any business that handles cash can benefit from automating cash management processes.

    When you invest in automating cash management you are increasing the profits that your business receives from handling cash. Automating cash management streamlines your operations, increases security, and provides your business with overall savings. Here are some of the ways that your business will benefit from automating cash management.

    Increased Security

    Handling cash has always been a security risk as it is often visible and easily accessible for internal and external theft. Updating your cash management system can reduce the risk of theft by securely storing your cash using technology such as smart safes. Smart safes allow you to track each deposit and withdrawal by requiring staff to use an individualized PIN to gain access to the cash held within. If counterfeit currency fraud is a struggle for your business, counterfeit detectors are equipped with technology that will accurately identify counterfeit cash each time. Automation allows your business to avoid falling prey to theft and fraud by improving your security.

    Improved Efficiency

    Manual cash handling and efficiency are generally incompatible. When you are counting, sorting, and tallying cash by hand there are many opportunities for errors to occur. These errors can be costly for your business, both if cash goes missing and because of high labour costs. Making use of technology—such as a cash recycler—that automates your entire cash handling and management process, improves the efficiency of your business, and takes it from error-fraught to error-free.

    Focus on Customer Service

    When you reduce the amount of time that it takes your staff to complete your cash management process, you are able to provide your customers with a better level of service. This can have a positive effect on your sales and will increase the loyalty that your customers feel for your business. Automating cash management may seem like it reduces the personal interaction at the point of sales terminal, but in fact it allows your staff to focus more directly on meeting the needs of the customer.

    Reduce Labour Costs

    Labour costs associated with cash management can easily be reduced when you introduce automation into your business. Manual cash handling is inconsistent and can provide your business with challenges when it comes to budgeting for wages. When your cash management process is fully automated, you will be able to better understand how long it will take each and every time, giving you the chance to save on labour costs and re-allocate staff into growing your business and driving sales.

    Save on Cash Management

    While costs associated with accepting credit cards are visible, costs associated with manually processing cash can be hidden and difficult to predict. You may never know just how much the costs associated with labour, shrink, and managing cash flow are going to end up being each month. Automating cash management is a sound investment for your business that gives you an edge in a competitive retail market. After making the initial investment in automated cash management solutions, you will enjoy the savings of a streamlined, accurate, and secure cash management process.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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