Industry Buzz: 3 Game-Changers in Cash Management

    Feb 07 2018

    Topics: cash management

    Your business will struggle if you cannot efficiently manage your cash. This is why cash management tools and solutions are so integral in industries such as retail, gaming, and gas stations. Good cash management tools can help your business grow and succeed because everything in your back office is running smoothly.

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    Check out these three game strategies in cash management that’ll help your business.

    1. Automating Processes

    One of the most positive impacts you can make to your business is automating cash management. If your cash management system is manual, then you should invest in automation. When you automate your cash management system, you can cut down on shrinkage and employee theft. You also save money because your employees aren’t spending 30-60 minutes counting cash in your back room during each shift. They’re instead interacting with customers, which is what you’re paying them to do.

    Automating your processes can sound challenging, time consuming, and expensive, but it really isn’t. There are many small ways you can work at automating your cash management processes to better help your business grow and succeed.

    2. Online Management

    With some cash management tools, you can sign up for to an online portal to manage your cash in real time. This gives you control over your business that wasn’t possible previously. You can check in on your cash amounts, see who’s accessed your money, and created standard and customized reports to make more informed decisions.

    All of these different online cash management tools allow you to learn more about your cash flow and how your business processes and handles cash. From there, you’re able to more effectively grow your business because you know and understand how cash flows into and out of your business.

    3. Must-Have Hardware

    There’s some must-have hardware you’ll want to look into as well. Depending on your unique cash management needs, your business may need one or several of these machines.

    Cheque Scanner: A cheque scanner is a great tool if your business processes cheques on a regular basis. The scanner takes a picture of the front and back of the check and sends it to a computer program. From there, the program verifies the cheque and then deposits the money directly into your bank account.

    Smart Safe: A smart safe is a safe, but it’s also one that’s connected to the internet. From an online portal, you’re able to see how much money is in your safe and when it was access—from anywhere, anytime.

    Currency Counter: A currency counter saves so much time if your business counts cash manually. It counts currency in moments, with no errors, allowing you to save time and money.

    These game changers in cash management allow your business to be more efficient with its cash handling processes. That efficiency translates into time and money saved. It also means you’re able to spend more time focusing on your core business, which only helps your business grow.

    How to Improve Your Business With An Automated Cash

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    Andrea Lombardi

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