Prevent Retail Shrinkage with Smart Safe Technology

    Feb 24 2017

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    Shrinkage is an unfortunate problem that many retailers are forced to deal with. Shrinkage is considered to be any loss of stock or cash within a retail store due to theft, transaction errors, damage during the shipping process, and fraud. The responsibility to prevent shrinkage from occurring falls on the staff, management, and business owners. Often, it’s all hands on deck to make sure that your retail store doesn’t experience heavy losses as a result of shrinkage.

    When it comes to cash losses, there are solutions available that you can implement within your business to drastically reduce retail shrinkage. Investing in automated cash management technology provides you with secure, reliable, and simple methods for protecting your cash. You can choose to automate one aspect of your cash management process or the whole process depending on the individual needs of your business. For preventing retail shrinkage, a great solution is smart safe technology.

    Read on to learn more about how you can gain more control over loss prevention by investing in cash management technology.

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    What Is a Smart Safe?

    While traditional safes offer basic protection for your cash, they also take up valuable space in your business. Smart safe technology allows your safe to become a dynamic part of your cash management procedure. Smart safes operate by connecting to the internet and collecting and storing data about each deposit or withdrawal made to the smart safe.

    By recording each transaction automatically, your bank can give your business provisional credit, allowing you to have access to the cash that you just deposited so that it can be sent back through your business. This allows you to improve your cash flow and reduce the frequency of depositing money in the bank or having a cash-in-transit service make a pick-up. Smart safe technology is designed to simultaneously boost the security and efficiency of your business, providing you with savings throughout your cash management process.

    How Will a Smart Safe Benefit My Business?

    Smart safes have many benefits for your business above and beyond securely storing your cash. They require that each transaction be completed by using personal usernames and passwords unique to each employee so that any activity can be easily tracked. Additionally, they provide management with insights about the cash management process by generating a variety of reports to assist with tracking the flow of cash through your retail store. Smart safes come with counterfeit detection technology to allow you to accurately identify and reject counterfeit bills.

    Preventing Retail Shrinkage

    Smart safe technology works to prevent retail shrinkage in your business by boosting the security of your cash management process. Smart safes ensure that your cash is tallied accurately and accounted for, improving the security of your business and preventing the occurrences of internal theft. By requiring that your staff use the technology with a personal username, your employee accountability is improved.

    Additionally, with your cash only being accessible with a username and password, external theft will be deterred as technology will prevent potential thieves from finding your smart safe an easy target. With the added benefit of counterfeit protection, smart safes provide your business with a multi-pronged approach to preventing retail shrinkage.

    Making the Investment

    Investing in automated cash management technology is a step in the right direction to prevent retail shrinkage from occurring in your cash handling processes. While adopting technology into your business may seem intimidating, the benefits and savings are well worth making the transition from manual to automated cash management. Evaluating the needs of your business is the first step to implementing changes that will boost your efficiency and security.

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