Providing Medical Alert Cards to Patients

    Feb 20 2014

    Many individuals with serious medical conditions wear a medical alert bracelet, charm, or other item that can notify emergency responders of their health conditions and needs in the case that they are incapacitated due to an accident. Having basic medical information available is actually a good idea for everyone, because accidents don't happen on schedule and there's no way to be sure that you'll be able to relay important information if you are caught up in one. It's the kind of precaution that you hope will never be necessary, but which can provide vital information in case it ever is.

    There are multiple templates available online for printing a personal medical alert card which can be carried in one's wallet or purse, and they are a good start. Certainly having a card printed at home is better than nothing. But a service which doctor's offices and other medical facilities can consider providing for the people in their care is to print durable medical alert cards which will suffer less from being stuffed into an overfull wallet and which are resistant to being torn or other kinds of damage.

    Medical Alert Cards on Demand

    Providing such cards becomes simple with the use of a desktop ID printer. These machines are generally marketed for creating ID badges, but in fact they can be used to create all kinds of cards for many different purposes. With some creativity, an organization owning an ID printer can find multiple ways to use it to serve their clientele.

    In the case of medical offices, an ID printer can obviously print staff badges for everyone who works in the office, and hospitals can also use them to create ID badges for patients. But the same printer can be used with a standardized template to create medical alert cards for all patients to carry with them, including any medical conditions first responders need to know about as well as contact information for their primary care physician as well as the person they want to be contacted in an emergency. Such cards can be printed on both sides, given the right printer, and they will be as durable as a credit card, photo ID, or any other type of card the average person carries around in their wallet. Also, with the use of a standard template, they don't take long to create. Just enter a few pieces of personal information for an individual's card and print. A desktop ID printer fits easily into most office situations and should require minimal training to use.

    Going the Extra Mile

    Serving customers, or patients, well is not only a matter of getting the big things right. The small things matter too, and sometimes they can even matter more. A person in great health may only need to stop at their physician's office for the occasional checkup, but an accident can strike at any time. Having a medical ID in their wallet could save precious time in alerting their family that something is wrong, as well as connect them to the services they need. 

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

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