What Makes a Great ID Card?

    May 15 2014

    If you're familiar with some of the other posts on the blog, you know that ID cards are a hot button topic for plenty of industries. Whether you are heading up a school or a corporate office, it's no big secret that there are myriad benefits that come with using these cards to indentify your employees, visitors, and pretty much anyone else who decides to step into your building. However, just because you're aware of how you should use ID cards in the workplace doesn't necessarily mean you automatically get the maximum value out of this system. With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the characteristics that can make a good ID card great the next time you're setting up a new set of badges at the ID card printer.

    A Standardized Template Keeps Things Organized

    The first thing that goes into a top-notch idea card is keeping things simple and consistent with a standardized template. While there's nothing wrong with customization and having different badges for different scenarios, having too many types of cards floating around can lead to confusion and unnecessary issues during your organization's daily routine. Think of it this way with a little example that could happen at your local school; when it comes time to check student and faculty badges before or after classes, do you really want to deal with cards that have formatting that's all over the place? Chances are the answer is no, so regardless of your industry, trying to find a format that fits your needs across the board and stick with it.

    Stick to the Pertinent Information

    Once you have your formatting down, one of the biggest things you can do to keep things streamlined and simple is to avoid information overload. Naturally, having more info isn't always a bad thing. However, in this instance, sticking with what's essential can keep your identification process focused on what's really important, letting you cut out the fluff and maximize your limited space. Since there's probably plenty of employees or other members of your organization that highly value the privacy of their personal information – especially considering the constant discussion around national ID cards– you can definitely avoid stepping on these toes by sticking with just the pertinent info needed to keep things safe and running at the workplace.

    Incorporate Anti-fraud Controls

    Of course, going overboard on the simplicity side of things is just inviting some of the shadier individuals out there to try and pull a quick one on your system. To avoid ID card fraud, don't be afraid to incorporate encoded security features that your employees can scan, ensuring that the card is legit and not a cheap knockoff. If you want to get a little creative, having a watermark or specific logo that doesn’t cross the line as far as your template or base info is concerned is a great way to put fraud in its place– namely, out the front door and away from all the moving pieces in your office or other workspace.

    Don't Be Afraid to Constantly Revisit or Revise Your Design

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of bringing in an ID card printer to your building or company and optimizing the cards you issue is that this feature can constantly evolve to suit your current needs. Once you’ve hammered out the details on tidying up and improving your cards, there's no reason to rest on your laurels – in fact, doing so could put your organization back at risk as security threats and other new problems constantly pop up. Instead, keep looking for the next tweak, whether it's a new piece of info on the card or a different template, so that you're always one step ahead of these problems with a great line of ID cards and badges.

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

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