Why Casinos Need to Invest in Full Cash Room Automation

    Mar 21 2016

    Topics: Cash Room Automation

    Cash handling at a casino is no doubt incredibly time consuming—without full automation, you significantly reduce productivity and efficiency while increasing labour costs and wasting time. Cash handling is also particularly risky in gambling establishments—the threats of theft and fraud are rampant when your cash isn’t totally secure.

    In order to reduce costs, increase security to reduce risks, and gain efficiency, you should invest in full cash room automation for your casino. Using state-of-the-art automation solutions for your cash center can help improve your cash acceptance and issuance, cash processing and preparation and follow-up, destruction of unfit cash, storage of cash reserve, logistics, reconciliation, and more.

    By drawing on the latest automation technology and combining various systems and processes, you can ensure that your cash room performs to the highest standard possible.

    A Tailored Solution

    Casinos vary widely in sizes, regions, and processing needs. Some casinos will accept single or multiple currencies, some will have greater volume needs than others, and some will need to processes gaming vouchers and chips as well as cash.

    A cash management solutions provider can offer you a tailored solution for your cash room automation, which takes into account all of your unique requirements through the appropriate alignment of technology, processes, systems, layout, and infrastructure. It all starts with an in-depth analysis of your casino’s cash processes flow.

    Greater Efficiency

    A disjointed cash room is an ineffective cash room. For your casino cash operations to work effectively, you need all components to work in perfect harmony. You need flexibility, fluidity, and continuity. Your cash management solutions provider will work with you to combine state-of-the-art automation, world-leading processing systems, and fully integrated software to create a total solution with maximum efficiency.

    You require the support of a relentlessly intelligent, reliable, and secure casino cash process that is seamlessly synchronized. With full cash room automation, you’ll benefit from speedy processing, greater accuracy, and improved productivity, which will result in maximum efficiency.

    Reduce Labour Costs

    In the casino world, cash is still king. And cash management runs the gamut from slot machines and gaming tables, to cashiers, restaurants, and retail shops, meaning that your personnel requirements are immense. Your cash management process doesn’t need to be so labour intensive, though. With full cash room automation, your employees can be out spending their time on customer-facing activities instead of being in the cash room. You’ll also benefit from being able to have fewer cash room clerks, reducing your labour costs.

    Reducing Risks

    In addition, the guaranteed accuracy and improved security you’ll receive from full cash room automation will significantly reduce your risks of theft, fraud, and losses due to human error. The lower your shrink rate, the higher your profits. By investing in full cash room automation, you’ll undoubtedly save money and boost your bottom line.

    Maximum ROI

    Casinos use a high number of cash-handling personnel and cash-handling equipment—unlike any other environment. From slot machines and gaming tables to cash room teller stations and cashier stations, cash continuously changes hands in a multitude of locations. Securely and accurately tracking these high volumes of cash moving through your casino is critical.

    With a smarter and faster cash management process, you’ll be able to receive a maximum ROI for long-term cost savings with reliable performance, improved security, and highly targeted capabilities that won’t let you down. A tailored solution that allows you to easily, quickly, and securely dispense floats, provide change, count and reconcile sales, and manage skims can significantly increase efficiency and reduce your overhead for cost savings. It’s time to invest in cash room automation in order to effectively handle cash at your casino.

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    Andrea Lombardi

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