Why Currency Counters for Casinos Are a No Brainer

    Apr 14 2017

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    Casinos handle massive volumes of cash on a daily basis. Keeping accurate track of all of your cash takes a lot of manpower and a significant time commitment. Administrative tasks can easily be a drain on casino resources, leaving them short staffed in other areas. If your administrative cash management tasks suffer, then your business can easily lose control of cash handling. Maintaining proper cash handling is a balancing act between accuracy and efficiency, especially in industries where cash is king.


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    One of the best ways that cash management can be made easier for casinos is by investing in a currency counter. With the sheer volume of cash that enters and leaves the premises each day, currency counters for casinos are a great option to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your cash handling. Here’s why adding automation into your cash management procedure is truly a no brainer for casinos.

    Boost Your Efficiency

    Between the number of staff members handling cash and the amount of cash to be counted each day, the time that cash management will take can fluctuate widely from day to day. Making use of a currency counter gives casinos the freedom to accurately plan their cash management as it creates consistency in the cash handling process where it didn’t previously exist.

    Not only will your cash management be completed as quickly as possible, but it will also be done with precision.

    Complete Accuracy

    Accuracy is another aspect of manual cash handling that simply cannot be guaranteed. Mistakes will inevitably happen when cash counting is done by hand. Currency counters for casinos eliminate that margin of error by introducing complete accuracy into your cash counting. You will no longer have to worry about the time and resources it takes to double and triple check your counting; with a currency counter, it is done correctly each and every time.

    Lower Your Labour Costs

    As a natural consequence of boosting the speed and accuracy of your cash management, you will also drastically reduce your administrative labour costs. This allows casinos to properly budget and plan for staff hours once you know that your cash management process gains consistency.

    For casinos, having more staff to focus on customer service and maintaining security and regulations is of a huge benefit and can increase revenue. Redirecting your staff from cash management opens the door for an increase in profitability.

    Reduce Your Risk of Fraud 

    Advances in counterfeit technology have made it more difficult for staff to identify fraudulent bills by hand. Taking precautionary measures to protect your cash should be a priority at your casino.

    Currency counters for casinos can have built-in counterfeit detection technology that will identify and reject any fraudulent money. You can protect your business from losses by making an investment in a currency counter.

    What You Need to Know

    Making an investment in currency counters for casinos involves some research to ensure you are getting the right products for you. For example, if your casino accepts multiple types of currency, you will want to be sure that any counter you invest in is compatible with each of those currency types.

    Currency counters also have different specifications according to speed and volume capabilities; make sure you choosea machine that is able to handle the demands of the high volumes of cash handled by casinos.

    Taking the time to choose the right type of currency counter for your business will pay off in the long run as you need to cater to your individual needs. The end goal is to keep your cash management as efficient and accurate as possible. Making the investment in a currency counter is a great step to make the most from working with cash at your casino.

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