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    BPS C1

    1 + 1 Pocket Currency Discriminator

    Highly versatile and easy to operate the BPS C1 is the perfect addition to any cash processing operation.

    Supporting both paper and polymer banknotes, the C1 can count and identify currency denominations and counterfeit bills all in a single pass. Excellent for processing large currency deposits and able to print an itemized receipt with denomination count and value totals as well as a grand total for deposit.

    It can be readily configured for specific applications (fitness detection, TITO/barcodes). The C1 can be loaded with up to 10 currencies and offers rigorous security despite low processing costs.

    With a counting speed of up to 1,500 notes per minute, the C1 guarantees low processing costs.

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    Weight Approx. 15kg (33lbs)

    - Counting:

    Up to 1,500 BN/min

    - Fitness Detection:

    Up to 1,200 BN/min

    - Barcode Reading:

    Up to 1,200 BN/min

    A total of three speed levels are available for manual setting

    Feed Capacity

    500 BN with continuous feed

    Capacity of output compartments

    - Main compartment: 300 BN

    - Reject compartment: 100 BN

    Dimensions (L/W/H)

    350 x 333 x 350 mm


    - Separate customer display

    - Receipt printer (2 x RS232)

    - PC data transfer via USD or LAN

    Electrical Specifications

    100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz

    max. power consumption: 150 W

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