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    G&D’s BPS C4 has been specifically developed to meet the needs of cash centres in banks, cash-in-transit companies, casinos and other areas where intensive use of cash is present.

    The C4 system optimizes work processes, reduces costs and enhances the productivity of banknote processing. It is a modular and scalable system that can easily be adapted to suit any substrate or process – from paper to polymer, from freshly printed to heavily soiled, from banknotes to casino tickets.

    Boasting high flexibility, the BPS C4 can be configured with up to 20 output compartments of differing capacities. In a single run, the banknotes are counted, identified and authenticated, as well as sorted according to denomination, series, orientation and fitness.


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    Dimensions Length: 1,260 – 2,556 mm (depending on configuration) - Width: 515 mm - Height: 610 mm with open base module cover: 1,200 mm (approx.)
    Weight 100 – 220 kg (depending on configuration)
    BN formats accepted - Width: 60 – 90 mm - Length: 100 – 180 mm
    Processing speed Singling rate: up to 12 BN / s
    Throughput Up to 40,000 BN / h
    System concept - Desktop device - Single user - Seated or standing operation
    BN input - Capacity for up to 800 loose banknotes, regardless of format - Continuous feeding possible during singling process
    Certificates - GS mark for “tested safety“ - CE labeling - CCC-certified - GOST-certified
    BN output - Up to 20 output compartments - Output compartments for 100 or 500 banknotes - Maximum number of banknotes per output compartment freely configurable - Reject compartment capacity: up to 200 banknotes - Separate fail-safe compartment for simple elimination of jams and accurate post-jam accounting
    Banknote accounting in reject compartment - Online: direct data entry at system - Offline: separate data entry via PC or cash management system
    System availability Typically > 95 % (depending on service conditions)
    Power supply - 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz - 120 V, 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption 0.5 – 1 kVA
    Optional pneumatic module (air-supported singler) Power consumption: 240 VA
    Ambient requirements - Ambient temperature: 15 – 35 °C - Relative air humidity: 30 – 80 %, non-condensing
    Noise emissions 67 – 75 dB (A), in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11204
    Data interfaces - LAN / WAN (TCP / IP) - USB hub with 4 ports (USB 2.0) - Interfaces to cash center / vault management systems and to central computer - Remote service

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