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CPS X Range Desktop Banknote Sorter

The X Range™ is a flexible solution providing a high-capacity desktop banknote processing system with a low cost of ownership. Quick and easy installation and simple operator processes make the X Range banknote sorters ideally suited for commercial banks, bank branches, cash centres and small central banks where it is vital to maximize operating efficiencies and maintain the highest standards of accuracy and security.


The range includes five configurations, giving you the flexibility to scale your currency handling equipment and operations as demands on currency processing change and multiply. The X Range integrates with ACDP and ECM™, our market-leading cash supply chain platform, to truly optimise your efficiency.



Feeder Up to 1,000 banknotes, continuous feeding, friction design, long-edge banknote feeding
Banknote classification Denomination, series, orientation and size
Fitness sorting Soil, stain/graffiti, ink wear, holes & tears, corner-folds, missing corners, tape
Authentication sensors Full-width multi-channel magnetics, double-sided ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR), contact image sensors (CIS)
Serial number reading Optional OCR for serial number reading
Pocket configuration X3200/3500: 2 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
X4200/4500: 3 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
X5500: 4 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
X6500: 5 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
X7500: 6 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
X9500: 8 output pockets + 1 reject pocket
Pocket capacity Up to eight output pockets, each holding up to 500 banknotes (loose stack).
One reject pocket holding up to 500 banknotes (loose stack).
Option of 200 banknotes capacity pockets with the X3200 and X4200.
Reject pocket One standard, up to 500 banknotes capacity
Processing capability Standard speed of 900npm and feeder throughput of 54,000 banknotes/hour.
Optional speed of 1,100npm (66,000 banknotes/hour) or 700npm (42,000 banknotes/hour) can be selected.
Banknote size range Width: up to 85mm
Length: up to 182mm
Banknote substrate Paper and polymer substrate
Operating modes Count, 2-way fitness sort, 3-way fitness sort, face & orientation, denomination & issue split
User interface 7” display, graphical LCD colour touch screen & intuitive user interface
Operating system Linux
Security access control User level role setup
Connectivity LAN, USB and Serial ports
Language Multiple languages available
Power Voltage: 100v-240v +/- 10%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power ratings X3200/3500: 240W
X4200/4500: 256W
X5500: 310W
X6500: 330W
X7500: 350W
X9500: 370W

less than 77dBA

Ergonomics One operator seated or standing
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Humidity 30-90% RH
Dimensions and weights (mm) X3200: 605(L) x 395(W) x 439(H) / 43kg
X3500: 605(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 49kg
X4200: 762(L) x 395(W) x 439(H) / 49kg
X4500: 762(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 55kg
X5500: 891(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 61kg
X6500: 1022(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 67kg
X7500: 1076(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 75kg
X9500: 1300(L) x 395(W) x 508(H) / 90kg
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