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    CI-SERVER is the cash management software solution, which can be operated via a web browser and provide centralised management of cash throughout a store for the CASHINFINITY line of products.

    Through CI-SERVER any change in cash inventory and all events are seamlessly sent to CI-SERVER. A store manager can refer to the inventory in real-time and CI-SERVER can provide a variety of reports. The CI-SERVER also has an email function which automatically sends an email when an event such as a full/empty cash status, collection/replenishment is required, and if errors occur.


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    Interface protocol: SOAP over HTTP(S)
    Number of connectable units: CI-SERVER - unlimited
    CI-SERVER Small - up to 3 units
    Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express
    Programming Language: JavaTM 6
    Web Server: Apache HTTP Server 2.2.21 or later Apache Tomcat 6 or later
    Using TCP Port: The following TCP port must be free:
    - 80 for Web Server
    - 1433 for SQL Server 2008
    Functions: Management of the cash inventory of all in-store CASHINFINITY® devices
    Management of the device status of all in-store CASHINFINITY® devices
    Configuration for all in-store CASHINFINITY® devices
    Remote update firmware /
    template recognition of all in-store CASHINFINITY® devices
    Remote log reading of all in-store CASHINFINITY® devices
    Wi-Fi operation tool for PDAs / Smartphones
    Email notification
    OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Hardware: Intel x86 or compatible processor
    Minimum of 1GB RAM (Windows 7), 512MB RAM (Windows XP)
    Minimum of 16GB HDD (Windows 7), 2.1GB HDD (Windows XP)
    TCP/IP protocol support
    Monitor: A monitor with a minimum resolution of 1,024 x 768
    Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
    Firefox 3.6 or later


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