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Canon CR-120 Cheque Scanner - MAIN


Canon CR-120 Check Scanner

The CR-120 check transport can help assist in moving paper checks and related documents in front-counter teller settings, merchant/remote deposit capture (RDC) applications, and remittance processing, as well as higher-volume tasks such as back-office/branch settings, and lockbox applications. It enables users—in environments such as banks, credit unions, and retail—to improve their point-of-presentment applications by helping to automate funds deposits for quicker transaction times, decrease errors and fraud, improve customer service, and lower capital and processing costs.


Canon CR-120 Cheque Scanner - 2  Canon CR-120 Cheque Scanner - side







Compact Check Transport

Document Feeding


Document Size

Width: 2.7" - 4.3", Length: 3.5”– 9.6”

Document Weight

Automatic Feeding: 0.003” – 0.008” (17 – 40 lb. Bond)

Feeder Capacity

150 Sheets

Scanning Element

Contact Image Sensor (CMOS)

Light Source


Scanning Modes

Greyscale, Black and White, Fine Text Filtering, Error Diffusion, 256- Level Greyscale, 16-Level Greyscale, 24-bit Colour (card scan only)

Optical Resolution

600 dpi

Output Resolution

100/120/150/200/240/300/600 dpi (600 dpi for card scanning only)


256-Level, 16-Level

Black and White & Greyscale
Scanning Speeds *

Up to 120 cpm (Simplex / Duplex)

Si votre entreprise dépose fréquemment des chèques, renseignez-vous à propos  de nos scanneurs de chèques de bureau qui sont nécessaires pour le dépôt  électronique de vos chèques auprès de votre institution financière. En savoir plus  <>