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    CI-200 CASHINFINITY Cash Recycling System

    The cash recycling system CI-200 is the newest in the CASHINFINITY line of retail cash management solution. CI-200 handles upwards of 6000 loose notes while quickly and easily dispensing or depositing both notes and coin.

    The CI-200 solution provides improved security and reduces cash handling time from day-open, shift change, day-close through to reconciliation of the day’s sales.

    Used as a stand-alone recycling solution, the CI-200 dispenses pre-programmed floats quickly and accurately and counts back and reconciles days sales either by till or cashier.

    Units are fully secure and have the capability to only allow armoured carriers to access the bank deposit. CI-200 is run with CI-Server allowing for centralized cash control management for all cash movement and cash inventory. Users, floats, assigned functions are all managed through CI-Server via a web browser.

    Easily view and monitor cash in the device and run reports such as day’s sales, cash flow and end-of-day.


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    (banknote recycler)
    (coin recycler)
    (W × D × H)
    420mm x 1,046mm x 1,181mm
    16.5" x 41.2" x 46.5
    (UL 24 hours)
    Without monitor: 500mm x 835mm x 1,100mm
    19.7" x 32.9" x 43.3"
    With monitor: 500mm x 835mm x 1,573mm
    19.7" x 32.9" x 61.9"
    Function “Follow me” LED sign “Follow me” LED sign
    Operation 15" Touch screen display 15" Touch screen display
    Number of recycle modules

    8 recycle modules

    Free layout recycle module

    8 recycle modules

    Free layout recycle module

    Capacity Approx. 560 notes / recycle 1 U.S. Dollar Approx. 1,100 coins
    0.25 U.S. Dollar Approx. 1,400 coins
    0.1 U.S. Dollar Approx. 3,400 coins
    0.05 U.S. Dollar Approx. 1,500 coins
    0.01 U.S. Dollar Approx. 2,500 coins
    2 Canadian Dollar Approx. 1,000 coins
    1 Canadian Dollar Approx. 1,200 coins
    0.5 Canadian Dollar Approx. 1,000 coins
    0.25 Canadian Dollar Approx. 1,600 coins
    0.1 Canadian Dollar Approx. 3,800 coins
    0.05 Canadian Dollar Approx. 1,900 coins
    0.01 Canadian Dollar Approx. 2,900 coins
    Coin overflow tray capacity ------------ Approx. 1,000 coins
    Collection capacity Up to 2,000 notes Approx. 5,000 coins
    Total capacity of banknotes/coins Up to 6,480 notes Depends on a recycle module confi guration
    Deposit Capacity of inlet: Up to 300 notes
    Speed of cash in: Approx. 7 notes/sec
    Capacity of inlet: Up to 500 coins
    Speed of cash in: Approx. 15 coins/sec
    Dispensing Capacity of outlet: Up to 150 notes
    Speed of cash out: Approx. 6 notes/sec
    Up to 5,000 coins (collection box)
    Speed of cash out: Approx. 40 coins/sec
    Functions Accepts up to 128 denominations Reject foreign objects
    Recognition unit Counterfeit detection Counterfeit detection
    Currencies U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar
    Safe UL 24 hours ----------
    Other functions Error recovery animation Error recovery animation
    Supply voltage range AC100V-240V AC100V-240V
    Nominal frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
    Approval CE, UL CE, UL

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