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    SUZOHAPP ICP Active-9 Coin Sorter

    The ICP Active-9 is the ultimate coin sorter for reliable and modern cash processing.

    The ICP Active-9 high-speed coin sorter incorporates unique Active Sorting® coin processing technology and advanced sensor control. With its base in the well renowned and widely used SC Active-4000, you can be sure to get an excellent solution.

    With the Active Sorting® technology, the machine will run even when an outlet/bag is full. While the operator changes bags, the machine continues to count the other denominations, and coins are simply recirculated until the outlet/bag is available again.

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    Width 1,132 mm / 44.6"
    Height 1,130 mm / 44.4"
    Depth 650 mm / 25.6"
    Weight 280 kg / 617.3 lbs
    Supply voltage 120, 220-240 V, +/- 10%
    Sound level (operation) 80 dB (A)
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Max Rated Current 14 A (120 V) / 18 A (220-240 V)
    Speed Up to 3,820 coins / min
    Diameter Range 14-34 mm / 0.55-1.3"
    Thickness Range 0.9-4.0 mm / 0.04-0.2"

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