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    SuzoHapp SC-3003 Commercial Coin Counter and Sorter.


    SuzoHapp SC-3003 Coin Counter

    The SuzoHapp SC-3003 is one of the best coin counting machines on the market today, with robust features and construction, and stellar performance. This high-capacity commercial coin counter provides the high throughput and reliability that thousands of businesses depend on for their high-volume coin or token operations.

    The SuzoHapp SC-3003 coin sorter has been meticulously engineered to count and sort large quantities at a fast rate, ensuring efficient and reliable counting of coins or tokens. Its high capacity — up to 3,500 coins per minute — makes it a popular commercial coin counter and sorter for banks, cash centres, vending operations and many other applications worldwide.

    The SuzoHapp SC-3003 features an auto-stop when the last coin has passed, and a non-volatile memory which allows storage of the counted coins. The automatic off-sorting of smaller coins lets you separate mixed denominations, and the system is easy to reconfigure as needed, with configuration handled in software. 

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    Width 295 mm / 12”
    Depth 595 mm / 23”
    Height 245 mm / 10”
    Weight 17 kg / 37.5 lbs
    Voltage 110/220/240 V, 50/60Hz
    Power 175 W
    Speed Up to 3,500 coins/min.
    Diameter 15-37 mm / 0.59-1.46”
    Thickness 1.0-3.5 mm / 0.04-0.14”

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