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    Cash handling can be challenging and costly in the entertainment industry, but it doesn’t have to be. CashTech works with large entertainment facilities, cinemas, amusement parks, and zoos to implement cost-effective, accurate cash management systems. Our currency handling equipment can help you count, sort, and safeguard cash and coin revenues more efficiently and at lower cost.

    Cash Management Systems for Optimal Efficiency

    The cost-effective solutions we offer increase operational efficiencies and streamline business operations, with best-in-class ROI strategies.Our offerings include:

    • Cash handling, counting and recycling machines to safely and securely dispense floats and count, process, recycle, and deposit your cash.
    • Smart safes that dramatically boost cashflow visibility while ensuring complete security.
    • Cheque scanning equipment that reduces the time and effort it takes to record, reconcile, and process bank deposits while improving cash flow.

    Controlling the cost of cash handling can save stores upwards of 200-500 labor hours a month.



    Why does your bank need to invest in a comprehensive service solution? See for yourself.

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