Grocery Store Technology Solutions


    Grocery Store Cash Management Technology Solutions

    The grocery market is changing rapidly. Grocery stores are seeing greater competition from traditional and non-traditional grocers. This competition has caused race-to-the-bottom pricing and razor-thin profits. On top of this, consumer behaviors are also transforming the checkout process. Consumers now expect a more pleasant shopping experience, complete with faster moving lines and self-checkout options. Adopting cash management technology can help you adapt quickly to the changing grocery landscape to retain your profits and your market share.


    Cash and Coin Counters

    There’s been a rapid shift towards grocery store technology in the industry. With cash management technology, you can reduce labor costs, eliminate avoidable losses, and offer greater convenience at checkout. In turn, this can boost your ability to compete and keep prices low while increasing profits.

    Banknote, Deposit and Recycling Solutions

    Cash management automation can not only reduce the cost of cash but also reduce your employees’ contact with cash. Cash handling devices significantly reduce the need for manual cash handling, from counting and sorting at the register to reconciling cash for deposits. By reducing contact with cash, you can help protect your employees.

    Essential Business
    Reduce Contact with Cash
    A Shift Towards Automation

    Essential Business

    As an essential business, you have to keep up with increased demand and keep everyone safe. There’s no need to be worrying about cash handling inefficiencies, errors, and losses.


    Reduce Contact with Cash

    Grocery store technology to automate cash management can significantly reduce employees’ contact with cash to keep them safe.


    A Shift Towards Automation

    Grocery stores are seeing a rapid new trend towards automation. Self-serve payments, in particular, are expected to rise by 30% globally by 2027.

    CashTech’s Customized Solution

    Partner with CashTech Currency for Grocery Store Cash Management Automation

    CashTech Currency offers grocery store technology that can enable you to automate cash handling at every transaction level. From smart safe technology and coin and banknote recyclers to cash counters, cash discriminators with counterfeit capabilities, and counterfeit detectors, we offer a wide variety of cash management devices to suit your unique needs. We also offer training, ongoing maintenance, and service support for the life of your machines.



    We have over 40 years of experience in cash automation. We’ll help assess your needs and find the right cash management solutions to improve your grocery store operations.

    Operational Hardware Training

    Perfect Fit Hardware Solutions

    We offer a wide range of cash management products, including multiple brands, models, and price points to ensure you find a solution that precisely meets your needs.


    End-to-End Solution

    We offer a turnkey Complete Cash Management Package that includes hardware, software, training, and ongoing maintenance under a predictable monthly cost structure.

    Software Training 2

    Service & Support

    We’ll be your long-term partner helping you get a longer lifespan out of your devices and reduce downtime with ongoing maintenance and service.

    Find out exactly how we can help you improve your grocery store management and operations with cash automation.


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