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img6CashTech offers a wide range of equipment and solutions that safely and securely count, process and reconcile your cash and coin money. Cash management solutions are used worldwide by Hotels, Restaurants and the Hospitality industry.

Hospitality businesses have unique challenges when counting and sorting their cash transactions. From dispensing floats, counting deposits, daily transaction reconciliation and tip payments to staff. CashTech works with business owners and accounting managers to create a solution for any commercial cash counting and coin sorting need.

Consider some of the challenges customers have faced and the solutions we have delivered in response:

  • We helped a hotel with administering its static cash float and ensuring cash available for hotel guests wishing to pay in cash. Our solutions also ensure float available to offer foreign currency exchange into local currency for travelers, and to pay service employees' tips in cash.
  • We helped improve the effectiveness of the restaurant manager and moved him out of the back office from counting coins and cash. So while not a large cash environment, a restaurant manager is needed by the customers. Handing out floats, counting cash, reconciling counts, running to the bank to deposit cash can all be eliminated with CashTech cash and coin recycling solutions.
  • We help QSR's increase productivity resulting in faster lines and increased sales

Discover how CashTech helped a restaurant customer to improve their cash management processes and improve their cash flow.

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