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    MX-3 Cheque Encoder

    The accurate and reliable encoder MICR MX-3 series is a cost-effective solution for any business or organization processing cheques. It allows you to encode twice as fast as the MICR III, therefore increasing efficiencies for the branch.

    This compact, robust encoder will meet your requirements for an accurate and reliable MICR exception item encoder. Simply key the information, drop the document, and the MX-3 will encode the MICR code-line exactly to your specifications.

    The space-saving MX3 has a footprint about the size of a piece of paper and will allow you to improve customer service by encoding items at the branch level.

    The process of encoding exception items at the point of entry enables production-oriented work groups, such as proof and item processing departments, to operate at peak efficiency. Items that cannot be posted as part of the normal financial presentment and missing encoded with the MX3 to fully qualify the exception item.

    Easy to use, the MX3 is a compact, robust, space-saving encoder that features flexible keyboard programming and an extremely small footprint.

    Program Features:

    • On-board advanced diagnostics and test mode
    • 8 programmable functions
    • Each function key can be programmed to scroll up to 100 different fields CDV/CDG (each field)
    • Auto incrementing serial numbers
    • Auto-repeat encoding
    • Floating on-US feature
    • Field "look-up" feature
    • Single pass, full-field encoding
    • Dog-ear detection
    • Ribbon-out detection
    • Robust keyboard design
    • Self-calibrating sensors


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    Dimensions (W x D x H): 120 cm x 44.5 cm x 60 cm
    Counting speed: 720 notes per minute
    Hopper capacity: Approx. 1,000 notes
    Speed: 45 dpm
    Display: 20 character, 2-line alphanumeric, Backlit LCD display
    Length: 13.25 inches (33.7 cm)
    Width: 8.0 inches (20.32 cm)
    Height: 3.5 inches (8.89cm)
    Weight: 4.25 pounds (1.93 kg)
    Ribbon: Average yield of 25,000 – 30,000 characters
    Power: 120 VAC, wall mount transformer or 100-240 VAC, in-line desktop
    Memory: Non-volatile, FLASH ROM
    Features: Fixed and variable Fields Auto Incrementing Fields Exception Field Encode Full Field Encode Repeat Encode Acct. # with CDV / CDG option ABA # with CDV / CDG option USB2 Download Capacity

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