imgCashTech helps design and create automated cash management solutions to best fit your retail operation and seamlessly integrate with your POS so that your retail cash management processes are efficient, accurate and secure.

We offer a wide range of equipment that safely and securely count, process and deposit notes and coins for retailers of all sizes. Your business can reduce the time and effort it takes for employees and managers to manage cash counting, sorting and reconciliation and increase your cash flow.

Plus CashTech offers a broad selection of bank authorized and approved Cheque Scanning equipment by Digital Check, Panini and Canon so you can conveniently get cheques deposited quickly and eliminate all the costs relating to bank deposits.

We’ve helped our retail clients automate their cash processes, reducing labour, decrease shrinkage and increase cash flow. Solutions can be at the counter, in the cash room or a combination of both. All solutions have store level reporting capabilities as well as online reports accessible at head office level through a secure customer portal. Solutions are secure with individual logins and permissions.

Counting money takes time:

  • For an average 3-5 register Retailer, employees spend 15 hours per day managing cash.
  • A national retail employee spends 2 or 3 times as many hours on cash handling activities.
  • The average bank note is touched a minimum of five times within your store before it is deposited.
  • Most often two employees are required to count all money exchanges in store throughout the day.

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