3 Reasons to Automate Cash Counting

    Dec 19 2016

    Topics: Cash Management

    For many retail businesses, manually counting cash can be a huge time commitment. When you consider the amount of time counting and recounting cash takes each day, it can be a big eye-opener! These administrative tasks can drastically increase the costs of labour and cash management. Whether your business handles large or small amounts of cash, manual processing can be time consuming, tedious, and labour intensive.

    Luckily, there are options available so that you can automate your cash counting process. Automation provides your business with the chance to get the most out of accepting cash. It streamlines your cash management process, allowing you to devote your valuable time and resources to growing your business!

    Currency counting machines take on the responsibility for counting all of the cash that your business receives each day. There are options available so that you can find the right currency counter to meet the demands of your business. Whether your business handles small or large volumes of cash, you can find the right model for you.

    Making use of automated currency counters has many benefits for your company. Here are three reasons to automate cash counting in your business.

    1. It Boosts Efficiency

    Maintaining efficient administrative processes can be a big challenge for retail businesses. The success of each step of the cash management process is dependent upon the previous one. When one part of the process takes longer than it should, it can have a snowball effect and drive up the amount of time that it takes to process cash. Investing in automated cash management will improve the efficiency of the daily operations of your business.

    In particular, investing in currency counting technology will improve the efficiency of your cash handling process. Manual cash counting can be both time consuming and full of errors. When you make the investment to automate cash counting, you will no longer have to rely on staff to complete the counting or worry about the potential for errors that can occur during the cash management process.

    2. It Creates Accuracy

    Errors can be a big problem when it comes to manual cash handling. While you can’t deny that mistakes must be expected—nobody’s perfect—you can avoid costly mistakes from occurring during your cash management process. Automated currency counters introduce total accuracy into your cash counting routine. Not only are they a lot speedier than manual cash handling, but the room for error is eliminated. 

    If your business is often plagued with cash handling errors, investing in automating your cash counting will remove any inconsistencies that might occur when totalling your cash each day.

    3. It Means Savings for Your Business

    Perhaps the most obvious avenue of savings that appears when you automate cash counting is with labour costs. The amount of time that manual cash counting and processing takes up can vary greatly from day to day, leaving you unsure of how to properly budget for administrative labour costs. Automating cash management gives you the opportunity to both increase efficiency and confidently predict the amount of time it will take to process your cash. This allows you to transfer your labour force from administrative tasks to growing and developing your business through sales, customer service, and promotions.

    Another area of savings that your business will experience is in security. Investing in a currency counting machine reduces your vulnerability to fraud as many of them are equipped with counterfeit detection technology. This technology can accurately identify and reject counterfeit bills so that your employees can feel confident that they are accepting valid currency. Having counterfeit detection technology in your business means that you can reduce shrink and prevent losses, creating a more secure environment for your staff, customers, and your cash assets.

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    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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