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North America's primary choice for top-shelf in-branch service delivered on time and on budget.

CashTech and Qwinstar Corporation take the hassle out of equipping, maintaining, and servicing your bank branch or credit union environment by handling the entire process for you, from end to end with our all-branch services.

Invest in a better bank service solution that offers best-in-class service delivery

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Services Include:

Hardware acquisition





Preventative maintenance




Replacement parts

24/7 support

For each touch point your branch staff uses to deliver services to your clients, CashTech can assist. We represent the largest grouping of industry-leading manufacturers for sales and as an Authorized Service Partner (ASP).

Products We Manage:

  • Pin pads (POS)
  • Computer screens
  • Cheque scanners
  • Thermal receipt printers
  • Magnetic card swipes
  • Currency counters/discriminators
  • Cheque encoders
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Our managed services for bank branch peripherals will enable you to maintain exceptional customer service, maximum speed, and efficiency with limited downtime, quick solutions, and 24-hour support.

We offer multi-vendor bank branch hardware and end-to-end maintenance, service, and support to banks and financial institutions in 75 metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.

The Benefits of All-Branch Services:

  • Single point of contact
  • Improved vendor management
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Greater device accountability

Our technicians are comprehensively trained and qualified to distribute, integrate, and service a wide variety of vendor hardware. Let us manage your bank branch peripheral equipment, so you can get back to your core business.

Take the hassle out of equipping, maintaining, and servicing your bank branch environment with CashTech's all-branch service

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