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Cash Handling Solutions

Cash Solutions

We offer the broadest array of commercial cash counting, sorting, and recycling equipment to meet your needs. We are also the leading provider of cash management solutions that can be configured for your specific requirements, adding additional efficiencies. Solutions range from simple bill acceptors to count, validate, and secure your cash to high-speed coin and cash recycling systems for your high-transaction volume environment.


Fast and accurate cash counting solutions save time. Cash is counted quickly and accurately, allowing your staff to spend more time serving customers and managing employees.

More effective cash handling also reduces losses, increasing accuracy and helping to prevent miscounts or discrepancies from occurring.


Retail cash management solutions help eliminate errors and discrepancies as well as related costs. Cash counting machines also help your managers spend more time delighting customers and less time in the back room counting currency. Customization and options include a range of products, from bill acceptors that count, validate, and secure your cash to high-speed note and coin recyclers/dispensers.



CashTech’s high-performance Magner and Cassida money counters add efficiency and reliability to any bill/currency-processing environment. Make quick work of your cash-counting needs with industry-leading money-handling equipment that fits your budget and productivity requirements.

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These sophisticated banknote sorters categorize and filter bank notes while rapidly creating denomination batches for bank note bundling, ABM/ATM loading, and other currency-processing tasks. Banknote Sorters allow cash to be recycled within a business, bank branch, or currency processing centre, reducing pick-ups and lowering processing expenses.

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Banks, credit unions, financial institutions, casinos, and now retailers are realizing the importance of reducing their cash-handling operating costs. By utilizing a variety of tailored cash and coin recycling solutions, institutions and retailers are seeing labour savings, increased profitability, and improved customer service.

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Rapid technological advances are making detecting counterfeit bills ever more difficult. In an era of high-tech, convincing counterfeits, rely on CashTech’s counterfeit detector machines for accuracy, ease of use, and peace of mind.

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