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Cannabis Cash Management Solutions

Are You a Cannabis Dispensary Manager?


CashTech Currency offers cash management solutions and dispensary management software systems for the CBD and cannabis dispensaries. Our wide selection of smart safes and cash recyclers integrated with cash management software will give you greater control over your dispensary’s cash.

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Cannabis Cash Management Challenges

As a cannabis dispensary manager, you face high volumes of cash transactions, which can not only put your dispensary at greater risk of theft but can also become a logistical nightmare. Manual cash handling is associated with higher labor costs, human error, and wasted time.

In this cash-intensive industry, how a cannabis dispensary manages cash can have a significant impact on its profits. You need a multi-site cannabis cash management plan and the right cash management technology to secure your cash, streamline dispensary operations, and gain cash insights.

Cannabis Cash Management by the Numbers


Robbery Is a Real Risk in the Cannabis Industry

One in every two cannabis dispensaries has been robbed or burglarized, with the average theft accounting for $20,000 to $50,000 (Wharton School of Business Public Policy Initiative).


Cash Visibility Is Critical to Business Success

Understanding a company’s cash position is key to the success of a business and concerns relating to it are so prevalent that 70% of business leaders know their exact cash balance. (BDC Viewpoints Study).


High Cost of Cash Handling

The cost of cash handling in a cannabis dispensary can range on average from as low as 4.7% of cash to over 15% of cash (IHL Group).

CashTech Currency’s Cash Management Solutions for the Cannabis Sector

We offer a variety of cash management solutions for the cannabis sector that enable dispensaries to keep their cash secure and gain real-time visibility into cash flow. At the same time, automated cash handling will reduce the costs, time, and errors associated with manual cash handling.

Our heavy-duty smart safes and cash recyclers can be integrated with advanced cash management software that allows you to track cash movements, monitor/predict cash volumes, and view cash trends. Automated cash handling and cash insights provide an audit trail, so you know exactly how much cash you have on hand at all times. For multi-site dispensary managers, the dispensary management software system offers a view into cash activity and smart safe vault contents per individual store, which is a game changer as it relates to managing a dispensary’s cash on hand and cash forecasting.

Software Overview

Cash Analytics
Cash Analytics

Data around the movement of cash from tills to vault holdings

Allows you to manage day-to-day operations, including cash balances, reconciliation, and deposit reporting

Cash Forecasting

Insights into trends to forecast your cash needs and replenishments

Allows you to see cash on hand and what you need on a frequent basis to operate your cannabis dispensary

Cash Analytics

A view into your available cash on hand and frequency of denomination usage

Lets you see your cash position and your most in-demand notes and coins, so you always have enough cash on hand

Cash Analytics

A view into the health of your device network

Immediately determine the health of your devices, remotely troubleshoot technical problems, and get back online faster

Cash Analytics

Insights and reports into your cash ordering information

Allows you to schedule and forecast pickups, as well as coin and note orders/replenishments

User Tracking

Audit trails and reconciliations based on user profiles

Allows you to determine who in your cannabis dispensary has been using the device, when, and for which purposes

Who Is Cannabis Cash Management Technology Right For?


Dispensaries with High-Volume Transactions

Automated cash management solutions are ideal for cannabis retailers that process large volumes of cash transactions in a day. The more physical cash you handle in a day, the higher your risks and costs.

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Cash-Heavy Cannabis Dispensary

If your clientele primarily pays in cash, it’s a good idea to have a cannabis cash management plan and automated solutions that can help you secure, track, and manage your cash.

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Multi-Site Dispensaries

Own multiple dispensaries? Consolidate your cash insights and gain more visibility over your cash. With a dispensary management software system, you’ll know exactly how much cash you have in each store.

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Theft-Heavy Areas

If you’re located in an urban theft-heavy area, a dispensary management software system can help keep your dispensary, cash, and employees safe. Our heavy-duty smart safes and cash recyclers will ensure your cash is locked up securely on site to reduce your risk.

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