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About CashTech

CashTech has been helping our customers for 29 years to improve efficiencies, reduce potential money currency losses, increase security, and improve cash flow when dealing with frequent or large volumes of cash, coin or cheques. We have also been helping our very large banking customers to implement cash management systems as well as providing procurement, fulfillment and on-going service maintenance support.

We offer a wide range of commercial currency solutions and our experienced consultants help our customers make the right choice for their business needs.   We offer trusted, strategic advice on commercial currency machines from global manufacturers such as Glory, Magner, Digital Check, Panini, Canon and Opex.  

Our service and support covers you wherever you may be within Canada.   We have a full-service team of dedicated account managers, project managers, highly-trained field service representatives, repair technicians, and logistics experts to ensure you always have the support you need when it comes to your cheque, cash and coin processing.


About Our Commercial Currency Machines

Cheque Scanners, Cash Counters, Recyclers, and Coin Sorters

When you are in a high transaction business and manage high volumes of cash or cheques, you know that handling cash is time consuming, error prone and a dirty process.  We help our clients address these and other key concerns to improve cash counting accuracy, reduce losses and reduce time intensive bank deposit administration.

Additionally, as more banks adopt deposits from cheque scanning, we can also help them safely and securely deposit all their business cheques without a trip to the bank allowing them to dramatically improve their cash flow.


About Cash Management and Currency Recycling

Banks, Credit Unions, Controllers and Accountants are establishing Cash Management and Currency Recycling programs to achieve the following: 

  • Efficiencies - Completing transactions more accurately, efficiently and securely while minimizing non-customer facing activities
  • Engagement - Deepen relationships with Customers by delivering an exceptional customer experience and allowing staff the time to focus on customers. 
  • Growth - Creating new reasons to have customers and prospects visit a branch or store and taking advantage of all visits to grow revenue
  • Decrease labour costs – The largest portion of your ROI will come from a reduction in labour. It can be as simple as later start times and end time or a reduction or redeployment of cash room employees.
  • Optimize cash flow – Implementation of a cash management solution can reduce your vault holdings by a minimum of 10%.
  • Reduce armoured car fees – An optimal cash management solution can reduce the frequency of armoured car pickups required.
  • Detect Counterfeits – Current technology must detect and reject any counterfeit notes. 


Our History

Backed by a dedicated team with more than 29 years of comprehensive industry experience, CashTech Currency Products Inc. was established in 2003. Previously a division of Datacard Canada Inc., CashTech has grown its services nationally through strategic acquisitions, affiliates and alliances. We continuously leverage our strengths as a customer-focused company, working in partnership with customers to meet their precise needs.

We are a Canadian owned and operated company with a network of Field Service and Sales Representatives that span the country, from coast to coast.

How to Improve Your Business With An Automated Cash Management Solution

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