Industries We Serve

    Banks & Credit Unions


    We are proud to service all of the “Big Five” banks in Canada, as well as prominent banks across the US. Banks and credit unions have realized the importance of cutting the costs of handling cash and cheques, streamlining operations, and enhancing the client experience.

    CashTech offers cash management and cheque scanning solutions to assist in delivering the needed efficiencies in customer transactions, vault buys/sells, and day-end balancing while also reducing exposure in the branch and improving security for clients and banking staff.

    As branch footprints continue to shrink, cash management and cheque scanning solutions must accommodate more creative and constrained workspaces. We offer several teller cash management solutions that fit the most compact of footprints. To help our banking customers move toward leaner staffing models and support the changing role of the traditional teller/CSR to that of a “universal banker,” our cash handling and cheque scanning solutions also assist in simplifying overall teller operations.

    CashTech and Qwinstar Corporation also take the hassle out of equipping, maintaining, and servicing your bank branch peripherals by handling the entire process for you, from end to end with our all-branch services. We are also a leading provider of customized remittance processing equipment solutions and servicing. We have a secured parts channel and hardware diagnostics to support remittance products for years to come. 

    Let us show you how our solutions can provide you the following:

    • Efficiencies and improved accuracy
    • Enhanced teller productivity
    • Increased branch cash security
    • Time to focus on customers
    • Cross selling new accounts & products
    • Attracting branch visits with a destination service

    Casinos & Gaming


    CashTech offers a wide range of equipment and solutions that quickly and accurately count cash and notes and help reconcile the day’s sales for your casino and gaming operation.

    All of our solutions allow casino managers, front-of-house and soft count room managers, and accountants to reduce potential currency losses, reduce labour costs, and improve cash flow when dealing with frequent or large volumes of cash and/or cheques. Additionally, CashTech equipment is easy to use by casino cashiers and staff for counting and sorting cash and currency, so that critical time is freed up to service customers.

    We’ve helped our casino customers improve their productivity by:

    • Offering world renowned brands such as Magner and Glory
    • Supplying top-rated compact money counters, large-batch table top currency sorters and various sizes of coin sorters and wrappers in our array of solutions
    • Helping cashiers and cash room staff quickly administer reconciliation and deposits with equipment to strap and wrap cash and coins
    • Servicing card printing equipment for employee staff ID cards and customer loyalty player cards and passes

    Cash in Transit (CITs)


    We offer a wide range of banknote handling solutions that safely and securely count, sort, and process cash and coin money for the armoured car and cash-in-transit (CIT) industry. We proudly service the top two armoured carriers in Canada, as well as leading providers in the US.

    With safety as the main concern, many industries that handle large volumes of cash, coins, and currency, such as banks and retail chains, have increasingly looked to the armoured transport industry to offer increased security and to save time in processing money deposits to the bank.

    CashTech works with armoured carrier services to select the best commercial equipment to help service their large clients and administer their large volumes of cash assets. Our equipment can improve the entire cash circulation cycle handled by armoured carrier services, including cash collecting, counting, authenticity controlling, sorting, packaging, stock keeping, and re-distribution. Our solutions also ensure time-sensitive deadlines are met and security requirements are delivered for their clients.

    Discover how CashTech utilized 40 years of cash counting and sorting expertise to create secure and efficient solutions that are critical for armoured carriers. Contact us today.



    CashTech helps design and create automated cash management solutions to best fit your retail operation and seamlessly integrate with your POS so that your retail cash management processes are efficient, accurate, and secure.

    We offer a wide range of equipment that safely and securely counts, processes, and deposits notes and coins for retailers of all sizes. Your business can reduce the time and effort it takes for employees and managers to manage cash counting, sorting, and reconciliation and increase cash flow.

    Plus, CashTech offers a broad selection of bank-authorized and -approved cheque scanning equipment by Digital Check, Panini, and Canon so you can conveniently get cheques deposited quickly and reduce all the costs relating to bank deposits.

    We’ve helped our retail clients automate their cash processes, reducing labour, improving efficiency, and increasing cash flow. Solutions can be at the counter, in the cash room, or a combination of both. All solutions have store-level reporting capabilities as well as online reports accessible at the head-office level through a secure customer portal. Solutions are secure with individual logins and permissions.

    Counting money takes time:

    • For an average three-to-five register retailer, employees spend 15 hours per day managing cash.
    • A national retail employee spends two or three times as many hours on cash-handling activities.
    • The average bank note is touched a minimum of five times within your store before it is deposited.
    • Most often, two employees are required to count all money exchanges in store throughout the day.

    Entertainment & Amusement


    We work with large entertainment facilities, cinemas, amusement parks, and zoos to accurately count, sort, and safeguard their cash and coin revenues. The cost-effective solutions we offer increase operational efficiencies and streamline business operations with best-in-class ROI strategies.

    We offer a wide range of equipment and solutions that safely and securely dispense floats, count, process, recycle, and deposit your cash.

    We provide cheque scanning equipment that reduces the time and effort it takes to record, reconcile, and process bank deposits and improves cash flow.

    CashTech also services photo ID systems for the entertainment industry to protect company employees and their assets. 

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