Outdated Cash Handling Costs Retailers

    Handling money takes time: For an average three-to-five register retailer, employees spend 15 hours per day managing cash. For national retailers, it takes up to three times as long.

    The problem? Most retailers have outdated cash management solutions that make processes inefficient. For example, an average bank note is touched a minimum of five times within your store before it is deposited, sucking up employee time, degrading customer service, and increasing labour costs.

    CashTech can help you design and create automated cash management systems to best fit your retail operation, from till to drop. Our retail currency solutions help you ensure your cash handling is efficient, accurate, and secure.


    Controlling the cost of cash handling can save stores upwards of 200-500 labor hours a month.

    Powerful Retail Cash Management Solutions

    We offer a wide range of equipment that safely and securely counts, processes, and deposits notes and coins for retailers of all sizes. Retail cash recycling and cash handling machines can reduce the time and effort it takes for employees and managers to manage cash counting and sorting throughout the day. Our solutions also support better till management, ensuring quick and accurate reconciliation, from opening shift to end of day.

    Our cheque scanning automation is just as powerful. CashTech offers a broad selection of bank-authorized and -approved cheque scanning equipment by Digital Check, Panini, and Canon, to get cheques deposited quickly while reducing deposit costs. And better visibility reduces shrinkage in retail, preventing both mistakes and malicious activity.

    Cash Management Solutions for Every Retail Problem

    Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, till management, or cash flow, we have the retail currency solution for you. Our solutions run from counter to the back room, and from individual cash recycling machines to store-wide automated systems —all with the security and visibility you’d expect from cutting edge cash management systems.


    Why does your bank need to invest in a comprehensive service solution? See for yourself.

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