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In the new and expanding world of Retail Cash Management there are dozens of product configurations which will automate your cash management processes. Knowing which one is right for your business is where CashTech can help.

CashTech is the only truly agnostic retail cash management solution provider in Canada. It is our goal to deliver cash management solutions which will achieve the greatest return-on-investment. CashTech recommends the leading cash management solutions available in the Canadian marketplace.

Whether you engage an armoured car provider or take the money to the bank yourself CashTech will provide you with the right solution.

Cash Management Solutions automate your cash processes reducing labour, shrinkage and increasing cash flow. Solutions can be at the counter, in the cash room or a combination of both. All solutions have store level reporting capabilities as well as online reports accessible at head office level through a secure customer portal. Solutions are secure with individual logins and permissions.

Glory CASHINFINITY – Cash Management Solution

cash management solutions

CI-10 CASHINFINITY Compact Cash Recycling System

  • Eliminates cash drawer at POS
  • 3 Banknote Recycling RSMs
  • 1 Banknote Collection Cassette
  • Cashier or Customer facing
cash management solution

CI-100 CASHINFINITY Cash Recycling System

  • Verify & replenish CI-10 or use as stand-alone to dispense, count and reconcile floats
  • Manage store cash position
  • Secure collection cassette
cash management solution

CI-200 CASHINFINITY Cash Recycling System

  • Large capacity note recycling
  • Easy operation with touch screen display
  • Secure collection cassette
  • Easily reconcile days sales through day end reports
  • Configurable layout of coin and note recycling modules
  • Add/delete/manage users

cash management


  • Manage devices at multiple levels
  • Easily reconcile days sales through day end reports
  • Keep track of coin/note orders
  • Add/delete/manage user
cash management solution

Benefits of Cash Management

Discover how CashTech works with our clients to provide a configurable solution to automate your cash management processes and achieve the greatest return on investment.

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cost of cash

Cost of Cash Calculator

Take a few minutes to find out using this free cost of cash calculator and then let CashTech show you how to achieve a solid return-on-investment by implementing a cash management solution.

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coin and note recycler

Coin & Note Recyclers

Our solutions reduce manual handling of cash significantly through the use of leading edge coin and note recycling technologies from world leading vendors such as Glory.

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How to Improve Your Business With An Automated Cash Management Solution

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