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Coin Handling Solutions

Coin Solutions

Quick and accurate sorting, counting and packaging is an essential part of your cash management system. Our coin solutions can dramatically improve your currency processes by saving time and maintaining accuracy and visibility throughout your organization.

Benefits of Automatic Coin Solutions

Save Time Processing Currency

Our commercial coin counters, sorters and wrappers save hours over processing coins by hand, freeing up employees to help customers, while cutting operating costs.

Build a More Accurate Cash Management System

When you’re counting thousands of coins by hand, it’s almost impossible to avoid mistakes. But one simple mistake can add up to 20 minutes of extra work when a till needs to be recounted.

Our coin solutions can help with any task, from counting and rolling quarters to sorting and bagging multiple denominations of several different currencies. The result: a more accurate process in a fraction of the time.

Reduce Revenue Losses

Misplacing a few nickels may not be a big deal, but small miscounts can quickly add up to significant losses. Our automatic coin counters, sorters, and wrappers are quick and accurate to minimize losses.



A commercial coin counter or coin sorter can automate one of the most tedious and time-consuming cash handling tasks your business faces. From counting tills to processing 100,000+ coins a day, we can help you find the right coin solution to meet your needs.

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