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Quick and accurate sorting and counting is an essential part of your cash management process. Let us help you:

Save Time – Reduce time that employees spend counting coins and currency by hand with coin counters and sorters.

Increase Accuracy – Coin is cumbersome and difficult to count accurately.  One mistake can add up to 20 minutes when a till needs to be recounted. Simply sorting 5 to 6 denominations in itself can take several minutes and lead to a miscount.

Reduce Losses - A miscount of a few nickels may not be a big deal but miscounts of loonies and toonies quickly add up to significant losses.  Coin counters/sorters are quick and accurate and reduce losses.

Stay Clean – Let’s face it, coin is dirty.  Keep your staff clean and germ free with less handling of coin.

coin counters

Coin Counters

The coin counter is the ultimate coin monitoring machine with many flexible applications that allow you to save time for your business and make your work easier and simpler. A coin counter can be used to pack a preset number of coins or to count and bag coins automatically. Whatever the application may be, the coin counter is the machine to do it.

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coin sorters

Coin Sorters

The coin sorter is one of the many cash handling machines that offer easy and quick handling of small as well as large volumes of coin on a regular basis. Often conceived to meet both sorting and counting needs, the coin sorter is top of the line equipment that boasts increased performance, low maintenance, and ease of use.

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coin wrapper

Coin Wrappers

World renowned for their Coin Wrappers, Glory realizes that quick and accurate coin counting, bagging and wrapping is essential to any coin processing environment. CashTech is proud to carry Glory’s newest coin wrapping models.

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How to Improve Your Business With An Automated Cash Management Solution

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