CashTech Complete Cash Management Package

    The Smart Way to Manage Your Company’s Cash

    All-in-one cash management hardware, software, service support, and training

    CashTech Currency offers an industry-leading turnkey solution for cash management. This end-to-end solution offers everything you need to implement and manage smart safe or coin and note recycler hardware and software, with the training and expert service you need for more efficient cash management.

    Cash Management Package Overview

    Hardware Overview

    Start your cash management journey by choosing among a variety of industry-leading smart safe or cash recycler hardware. Our turnkey solution is agnostic, meaning you can choose the right brand and model type that works best for your business.

    Hardware options include enhanced security options, such as biometric (fingerprint reader), magstripe, and barcode scanners. Hardware options are dependent on the model chosen.

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    Cash Management Software

    CashTech’s cash management software offers you the insights you need to effectively track, manage, and understand your cash position at any given time from anywhere. With greater visibility of transactions, staff activity, and devices, you’ll benefit from lower costs, informed decision-making, and greater cash security.

    Our software options include SUZOHAPP CashComplete Connect and CashTechIQ.

    Cash management software has a wide range of capabilities, including cash analytics and forecasting, cash status and utilization, device management, cash order management, deposit management, user tracking, and more.

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    Service & Training

    We offer end-to-end service and training to ensure your smart safe hardware and software are up and running efficiently in no time. From initial setup, management and user training to ongoing maintenance, we handle every aspect of cash management implementation, service, and support.

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, all CashTech technicians are currently adhering to and complying with up-to-date public health measures when providing service and training. When possible, the installation site review will be conducted remotely.

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    Getting Started

    Getting Started with CashTech’s Complete Cash Management Package

    1. Discovery Call

      We will first conduct a discovery call to learn more about your business and needs. We will cover the following topics:

      • Overview of your business requirements
      • The pros and cons of a deposit safe vs. a recycling safe
      • Approximate volumes of cash, your budget, and space requirements
      • How much time you currently spend on cash management and where you’re losing time
    2. Business Assessment

      CashTech will conduct a review of your answers and will assess your needs to provide you with the best recommendations to meet your needs.

    3. Recommendations & Quote Review

      CashTech will review the package with you:

      • Hardware/software
      • Process improvements to increase efficiency and reduce risk
      • User/Access structure and permissions

    Getting Started with Smart Safe or Coin and Note Recycler Installation

    1. Installation Scheduling (In Person or Remote)

      We need to assess the installation process so we’re prepared for equipment installation. This requires a site inspection, our experts highly recommend in person site inspections, but can be performed remotely for special cases.

    2. Hardware and Software Preconfiguration

      CashTech will preconfigure your hardware and software with things like user setup, permissions and test the networking capabilities to minimize onsite installation time.

    3. Installation & Training

      Onsite installation of the hardware, finalized software setup and team training are included in installation.

      • Train the Trainer
      • Process & Hardware Operation
      • Software Training (Management, Departments, Users, HR)

    Ongoing Maintenance & Service

    To ensure your investment is running optimally, CashTech can work with you to schedule regular maintenance of your hardware. Service coverage options are available to ensure that a fully trained and certified technician arrives onsite to assist should any issues arise.

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    Smart Safe vs Dumb Safe: How a Dumb Safe Can Cost You

    The traditional business safe has been revolutionized. Today’s smart safe technology can not only keep your cash safe but also offer cash insights, analytics, reporting, and remote management. Download this whitepaper to discover the differences between a smart safe and a dumb safe and why outdated safe technology might be costing you more than you realize.

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