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Case Study Casino: How We Helped a Casino Remove Cash Management Costs through Automation

Download this case study to learn how we helped Caesars Windsor remove costs associated with managing cash through automation.

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Discover how we bring together a broad range of cash counting, cash recycling and cheque scanning equipment from global manufacturers like Glory, Magner, Digital Check and Panini and utilize our 29 years of cash management experience to help you make the right choice to meet your specific currency counting, recycling and cheque scanning needs. 

Can address your specific cash and currency processing volumes

Save time and money by banking on your schedule and avoiding trips to the bank or costly armoured car pickups

Can be simple or sophisticated, depending on your volumes and needs

Free consultation, full service installation and customer support 

Have you ever stopped to determine the cost of handling cash? Take a few minutes to find out using this Free Cost of Cash Calculator.


Cash Solutions

The broadest array of commercial cash counting, sorting and recycling equipment including Magner, and Glory to ensure you get the right product for your needs.

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Coin Solutions

Quick and accurate counting, sorting and wrapping coins is an essential part of your cash management process. Let us help you eliminate costly errors and save time.  

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Cheque Scanners

Cheque Solutions

We carry Bank authorized and approved Cheque Scanning equipment by Digital Check, Panini and Canon so you can conveniently get cheques deposited quickly and reduce the time and labour associated with frequent trips to the bank.

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cash management

Cash Management Solutions

Discover how CashTech works with our clients to provide a configurable solution which will improve the efficiency and accuracy of your cash management process.  Automate your cash management processes and achieve the greatest return on investment by reducing labour, streamlining cash room procedures and increasing cash flow. 

Cash still accounts for over 50% of all purchases, according to a Bank of Canada survey, so reducing the time and effort to manage it is where we can help.

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