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Cash in Transit (CITs)


We offer a wide range of banknote handling solutions that safely and securely count, sort, and process cash and coin money for the armoured car and cash-in-transit (CIT) industry. We proudly service the top two armoured carriers in Canada, as well as leading providers in the US.

With safety as the main concern, many industries that handle large volumes of cash, coins, and currency, such as banks and retail chains, have increasingly looked to the armoured transport industry to offer increased security and to save time in processing money deposits to the bank.

CashTech works with armoured carrier services to select the best commercial equipment to help service their large clients and administer their large volumes of cash assets. Our equipment can improve the entire cash circulation cycle handled by armoured carrier services, including cash collecting, counting, authenticity controlling, sorting, packaging, stock keeping, and re-distribution. Our solutions also ensure time-sensitive deadlines are met and security requirements are delivered for their clients.

Discover how CashTech utilized 40 years of cash counting and sorting expertise to create secure and efficient solutions that are critical for armoured carriers. Contact us today.