3 Steps to Buying a Bank Note Sorter

    Feb 16 2015

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    Investing in a bank note sorter can be one of the best things you can do to increase efficiency at your company and reduce costs while doing so. A bank note sorter will allow you to streamline your cash handling procedures. The unit is extremely quick and easy to use so you can reduce the administrative costs associated with cash handling. It will also save you money by reducing the instances of accounting mistakes caused by human error.

    And you know that saving money wherever you can means you can put more cash into your pockets, or into expanding your business, your marketing budget, your investments, or anywhere else you want. The time you’ll save from investing in a bill sorter will also mean that you’ll be able to leave work a little earlier to spend time with your family or simply put that time to more important business responsibilities.

    Now that you know how valuable of an investment a bank note sorter will be to your business, here are three steps to buying one.

    1. Volume Expectations

    There are dozens of different styles and models on the market. To ensure you’re getting the right one for your office, consider carefully how much volume you expect to process presently and in the future. If you’re not processing many bills every day, you don’t need to invest in the biggest and best sorter on the market. A smaller version might be good enough for your intended use.

    However, if you’re receiving tons of bills during your daily operations, you should invest in a higher end model to ensure that your new sorter has the proper capabilities to process your high volume of bills. The more expensive, high-efficiency and high-volume sorters can sort and count more bills per minute, so you can save more time and increase productivity.

    2. Bill Types

    Are you only catering to Canadian citizens using Canadian currency? Or do you accept American bills or bills from all over the world? Before you run out and buy your bank note sorter, you’ll need to make sure its recognition technology will be compatible with the types of bills you’ll be receiving at your business.

    Additionally, older models might not be compatible with the new polymer bills in Canada or the new $100 bills from the United States. It’s best to go with an upgraded version to ensure your unit will be able to process all the types of bills that you’ll need it to recognize and count.

    3. Features and Characteristics

    Your bank note sorter can come with a wide variety of different features and characteristics. It can be overwhelming to choose the right unit for your office. To narrow down your search, perform some research ahead of time and read up on all the different features available on the different models. Consider which ones will be of benefit to you and which ones you can do without. Maybe you absolutely need top of the line counterfeit technology in your machine, or you want remote printing capabilities, variable batching options or different speeds. The decision is totally up to you—you have plenty of options to choose from.

    An Investment

    Buying a bank note sorter is a business investment. You’ll save not only valuable time, but you’ll also reduce the chances of accounting errors, reduce losses by using counterfeit technology and streamline your operating processes for top efficiency. Regardless of the volume of notes you need to process, you can definitely benefit from investing in a bank note sorter. Now it’s just time to choose the right one for you.

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