Daily Tips for Taking the Hassle out of Sorting and Counting Coins

    May 27 2014

    Whether you're manning the register or standing in line waiting to check out on your day off, there's nothing worse than being stuck behind someone who tries to pay with a pocketful of coins. Realistically though, it's pretty unlikely that your business, or any other, will turn away a paying customer. Because of this, learning to live with this kind of currency in the workplace is just part of running a store. Thankfully, there are few things you can add to your workplace, like new counting techniques or a coin sorter, that can revolutionize how you deal with the hassle that comes with these mountains of change.

    Counting Techniques Go a Long Way

    If things aren't going right at the register, chances are you'll have a hard time relying on any accuracy in your sorting and storage methods later on down the chain. To help you get things rolling once your customers hand over their cash and coins, spend some time with your employees discussing counting and handling techniques. Sure, it might sound like something out of a book on the basics of retailing, but proper counting and handling has been a hot button topic, and the subject of plenty of books, for hundreds of years. While it might seem rudimentary at first glance, you'll be thanking yourself later if you have a chat with your employees and find out that they're haphazardly handling incoming coins.

    Securely Storing Bulk Coinage

    Once you know your count at the till is legit, you can move on to storing all of these coins – which isn't exactly the easiest task in the world. On top of this, one of the biggest problems that comes with storing this kind of payment is the mental block separating it and paper currency. However, these factors are no excuse for sloppy or unorganized storage. To ensure you don't lose a single penny to misplacement – or shrinkage – wrapping up coins by denomination or value, as well as keeping records of every step of the process, can guarantee that you give this type of currency the same treatment you would for any other type of payment. For any business that is serious about keeping its bottom line in the green, this kind of steadfast approach is a vital part of the process.

    Let a System Share the Load

    If all of this sounds like a lot of work, you're right – it definitely is. However, that doesn't mean you have to do all of the handling, sorting and counting by hand. In fact, going this route is not only time consuming, it's completely unnecessary. When it comes to coins, you have plenty of options for how you interact with this currency. At the top of the list is smart technology, like coin sorters and wrappers, that helps keep all of the mundane parts of dealing with coins in bulk to a minimum. This way, you and your employees can rest assured that everything coin related is in order, freeing up more time to take care of the important stuff – like making the best customer experience possible.

    Matt Lombardi

    Matt Lombardi

    Matthew’s devotion to the highest levels of service comes from over 10 years of experience working with clients, project managers, manufactures, and executives alike as one the industry leaders in his field. Matthew is an avid golfer and hockey player and loves being outdoors with his friends and family. He currently lives in Squamish, BC with his wife, two children, and dog.

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