How Fast Can Cash and Cheque Scanners Work?

    May 29 2017

    Topics: Cheque Scanner

    If your business processes dozens or even hundreds of cheques per day, it's important to invest in high-speed scanners to accommodate all of your processing needs. Here's a bit more information on just how much these machines can do for your business.

    If you're looking for a cheque scanner that can handle the high volume of money your business processes on a daily basis, you need to consider what the most streamlined option looks like. Businesses that process more than 50 cheques per day are considered high volume, and an ordinary scanner just won't do the trick.

    Electronically Scan & Deposit Cheques

    Cheque scanners allow businesses to scan and electronically deposit cheques throughout the day, and for high volume businesses, a machine that works efficiently is key. Features such as automatic document alignment and a multi-function printer can make or break your business's efficiency, especially when it comes to processing cheques.

    Low Volume Businesses

    If your business processes fewer than 50 cheques in a day, it may be considered low volume. For businesses with minimal cheque scanning needs, a single-feed scanner may be more cost effective. These scanners can scan a single cheque in about a second, but the manual sorting and feeding processes automatically add a few seconds to each scanning process.

    Working with Cash

    Does your business work exclusively or mainly with cash? Then high-speed scanners might not necessarily be your cup of tea. Instead, consider purchasing a high volume currency-sorting machine. The vast majority of these machines are easy to use and offer a variety of time- and cost-saving features. For high volume businesses, the most advanced models can count up to 1,500 notes in a single minute. Talk about a huge time saver!

    Business Security

    And if business security is something you're concerned about, a portable cash counter is a great option. Whether you're going on the road for business or you'd prefer to keep your machine with you for security purposes, these devices can help provide a little bit more peace of mind.

    Invest in Ease

    Processing cheques is an important aspect in many business environments. Why make it any harder than it needs to be? Investing in high speed scanners for cheques and cash alike could be the time-saving solution you've been waiting for. 


    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

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