How Overflowing Cash Drawers Can Be Problematic

    Sep 30 2015

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    Having an overflowing cash drawer may not sound like a problem for most companies, but in truth, business can be difficult even when it's going well. Retail businesses, banks, and other types of businesses that handle large cash transactions may find that they are overwhelmed by the time they're counting down a till at the end of the day. Therefore, even though earnings are high, employers may become frustrated at having to check—and double check—that everything adds up.


    However, there are resources that businesses can turn to in order to limit frustration—namely, getting a cash and coin sorter and counter machine. Today's fully electronic cash counters were first introduced in the U.K. in 1980, and since then they have been invaluable in reducing human error and stopping fraud. Using this automated process has a number of benefits even beyond the ease of handling cash and coins. Here's what one of these machines may be able to do for your company:

    Save Time

    Using a cash and coin sorter and counter can speed up operations. Whether your business only handles cash at the end of the day or you have to count it fast to give to customers, a currency counter can help move the process along more quickly. Many employees often have to count cash and coins by hand two or three times to ensure accuracy, but using a counter and sorter prevents human error and the frustration of doing the same task multiple times. Banks and credit unions may also benefit from these machines because they can quickly sort notes and coins, so they can be more readily available for deposit.

    Prevent Theft

    Currency counter machines may aid in preventing fraud and theft. During the 19th century, when banks would issue their own currency, counterfeiting money became a serious issue. In fact, it's actually one of the oldest crimes in history. Although the problem isn't as bad as it once was, businesses still have to worry about being given counterfeit bills. Today's modern money scanners for business can often detect counterfeiting, in order to save businesses the headache of finding out much later. Additionally, keeping an accurate count of all cash on the premises can help protect against theft by customers or employees, so businesses don't have to worry about losing money this way, either.


    Customers will be satisfied with the accuracy of a cash or coin sorter and counter. Because cash counting machines allow for 100% accuracy in all transactions, customers won't feel like they'll be walking away short-changed due to a common human mistake. These machines will also help employees deliver fast and friendly customer service all while maintaining that accuracy.

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