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    case-study-restaurant-where-did-the-cash-goOur client is the operator of several gas stations. He must oversee all stations and the people employed there. Some stations were located in high risk areas which had seen a rash of robberies and it
    was common to find a discrepancy when reconciling the day’s sales.

    When a discrepancy was uncovered it meant a sometimes lengthy investigation and since they had lane accountability it was often difficult to determine who was responsible.

    The store managers spent hours reconciling, preparing the deposits and would sometimes be gone for up to 2 hours making a daily trip to the bank.

    The Problem

    • Keeping employees safe was becoming a growing concern
    • Their best employees (their managers) were spending upwards of 4 to 5 hours a day managing money, and NOT serving the customers or managing employees;
    • Cash continues to be the dominant form of payment and over 55% of their transactions are in cash;


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