3 Benefits of a Cash Recycling System

    Dec 18 2015

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    As a business owner, you are probably always looking for a new way to make your operations more efficient. Cash management systems can make you more efficient while also helping boost customer experience, detect counterfeit money, and improve accuracy—all of which will improve your bottom line. There are a couple of cash management systems that can help: cash counters and cash recycling systems. A cash counter is exactly what it sounds like—a machine that counts either stacks of bills or groups of coins. A cash recycler is a machine that dispenses preset float amounts, receives, validates and counts back cash. Under the counter cash recyclers take in cash and dispense change. There are numerous advantages to investing in these machines.


    Counting money by hand can often be time consuming, since it will usually be done more than once per transaction, to reduce human error. By investing in cash management solutions, you take the opportunity for human error out of the equation. This makes every transaction more accurate than ever before. In fact, cash counting machines maintain 100% accuracy! This will also mean that when something in your business seems off, you will have a better paper trail to look back on to determine where an error happened. This protects both you and your consumers, which will help bring you more business.

    Counterfeit Detection

    People using counterfeit money has been an issue for decades, but with even better counterfeit production technology now, it's harder to tell when you're being shortchanged. Cash recycling systems will detect counterfeit notes, so that you can ensure less product and cash loss over time. This not only helps your bottom line, but it promotes an honest business relationship with consumers.

    Customer Experience

    Many people underestimate just how important the experience of each customer is. If they have a great experience when they do business with you, it will encourage them to continue doing business with you. One part of that customer experience is not waiting in a line for 20 minutes at checkout while a cashier counts and recounts bills and change. A cash recycler does all of this in seconds allowing transactions to run smoothly and quickly.

    Cash counting machines are one of the best updates you can invest in for your business. They are one of the few investments that helps everyone—you, your business, your employees, your customers, and ultimately, even your suppliers. They ensure that your business will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

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    Andrea Lombardi

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