3 Reasons Why Currency Recyclers Increase Bank Teller Efficiency

    Oct 15 2014

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    Currency recyclers can increase Customer Service Representatives’ (CSR) efficiency in a number of ways. High volumes of currency go in and out of banks on a daily basis, so efficiency is a top priority. Currency recyclers will guarantee ease, speed, and accuracy.

    1. Ease

    Currency recyclers dispense, accept, sort, and store all currency that comes through the bank. When a customer requests currency during a transaction, it is automatically dispensed. The CSR will quickly count the cash in front of the customer to show that it's the full amount requested.

    Cash deposits are also simplified. The currency recycler accepts the cash and automatically sorts it into individual storage cassettes. Each denomination of currency is separated. This makes it easier to reconcile all the transactions. The system can determine how much cash is available for the bank to use for transactions, which means less cash needs to be kept on hand.

    Currency recyclers will increase CSR’s efficiency by making their jobs easier with automatic counting, dispensing, sorting, and reporting.

    2. Speed

    Currency recyclers will save time for both CSRs and customers. CSRs will be able to provide faster and better service to their customers. Less cash is needed at each teller station because the currency recycler tracks deposits and withdrawals and recycles cash for immediate use. The time it takes for bank staff to count and manage currency is significantly reduced for both CSR transactions and back-office counting and reconciliations.

    The CSR can focus on the customers and sell services to them since the currency recycler is doing all the counting. CSRs will have time to identify customer needs and offer solutions since less time is dedicated to manual cash handling.

    It will also take less time to train new, inexperienced staff. Regardless of the experience level, new staff and experienced CSRs will benefit from the implementation of a currency recycler.

    3. Accuracy

    Currency recyclers ensure accuracy when it comes to counting cash. This will allow CSRs to provide accurate and efficient service to their customers. Errors are minimized for both new staff and experienced staff as currency recyclers ensure transactions are completed correctly and efficiently every time. This will take the pressure off bank staff since there is less room for human error with the automated system. CSR’s can focus on their customers instead.

    Even though most banking is done online nowadays, there will always be a need for in-person transactions with CSRs. With the help of currency recyclers, CSRs can ensure accuracy. There are many reasons why currency recyclers increase CSR efficiency including ease, speed, and accuracy.

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    Gino Lombardi

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