3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cheque Scanner

    Sep 26 2014

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    If your business accepts cheque payments during your day-to-day sales, you might benefit from the use of a cheque scanner. Many clients still pay by cheque—especially for larger purchases—and the time and effort spent processing these cheques can be tedious and unnecessary for your business staff. Regardless of the size of your company, you can find a cheque scanner that fits your needs. Choose from an auto feed scanner for high-volume scanning or a single feed scanner for smaller scale scanning needs. Regardless of the type of machine you use, you will find the cheque scanner’s reliable and accurate results, as well as its easy maintenance and durability to be a benefit to your business. Specifically, there are three reasons why your company should invest in a cheque scanner:

    Increased Productivity

    Regardless of the number of cheques you process at your company, you know that photocopying each individual cheque and filing this paperwork is a hassle. Don’t forget the effort spent in organizing the data, too, and the time spent waiting in line to deposit the cheques at the bank. When you use a cheque scanner, valuable time will be saved—the scanner does all the work for you in a matter of seconds. High-volume cheque scanners can even scan 100 cheques or more per minute. Think of the time you’ll save! Your business’s productivity will inevitably increase when you use a cheque scanner.

    Remote Cheque Depositing

    Banking is changing and evolving. Now, you no longer need to drive to your bank and wait in line to deposit your business cheques. Using a cheque scanner, you can remotely deposit cheques from virtually anywhere. Once you have discussed remote cheque deposits with your bank and found out exactly which software they provide, you can safely and conveniently use your cheque scanner to deposit your funds. It’s quick and easy—your cheque scanner creates a digital image of your cheque, which you send to your bank for deposit.

    Client Databases

    Using magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), cheque scanners read and save the bank number, cheque number, and routing number on cheques, while also reading non-MICR information, such as the cheque amount, bank address, and payer and payee contact information in a fast and efficient way. Once scanned, all this cheque data is captured, and can be exported to files on your computer. The information is automatically placed in data fields of a spreadsheet, creating a manageable, convenient database for all the clients who pay your business by cheque. The cheque data is then easy to access at any time, easy to manage, and easy to file away. Once exported to your computer, these databases can be easily distributed to employees of your company as needed.

    Whether you receive a few or many, many cheques per day at your business, using a cheque scanner is a fast and reliable way to save you time and effort. Once you’ve stopped manually scanning cheques, organizing these records into databases, and depositing them, you will find yourself with more free time to focus on more important tasks.

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea Lombardi

    Andrea joined the CashTech team upon its inception in 2003. Learning the business from the ground up, she now utilizes her expertise in account management, planning, and negotiation while managing the daily operations of CashTech’s sales, marketing, and logistics departments. Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Western Ontario. She enjoys travelling and has a passion for personal fitness, including obtaining her kettlebell certification. Andrea lives in Toronto with her husband and two young sons.

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